RED WANTING BLUE To Release New Single ~ “Hey ‘84” Out August 31


It’s been four-plus years since heartland rock band Red Wanting Blue’s most recent studio album, The Wanting, was released. Now, as the band is in the midst of their “Thumbs to the Road” Summer tour, they have released a single today, “Hey, ‘84” (Blue Élan Records), in advance of their forthcoming twelfth studio album due out in Spring ‘23. The track premiered last week on Ohio’s The Summit FM who added the new track to regular rotation. True to its title, the song has a distinct throwback theme.

“‘Hey, ‘84’ is a small Band-Aid for the bruises that come from our modern lives as we pine for simpler times,” says Red Wanting Blue’s longtime front man Scott Terry. “It’s an homage to the joys of my youth; a respite from cellphones and social media, stressful jobs, and the rest of the gauntlet that our present-day reality likes to throw at us. For me, that time was in 1984. The days of arcades, sleepovers, pizza parties, riding bikes and having minimal responsibilities.”

After enduring unplanned time off the road due to the pandemic, the song is a reminder to hold close comforting memories that the song was inspired by. “To be loved and to feel safe by our families and friends in our little bubbles wasn’t something we ever earned as children,” continues Terry. “So we couldn’t help but to take it for granted. That’s the invincibility of being a kid, and what adult doesn’t wish they could occasionally feel like that again? I know I do.”

“Hey ‘84” is available on all digital platforms today.

Red Wanting Blue On The Road
9/15/22 – Seattle, WA – Tractor Tavern
9/16/22 – Portland, OR – The Get Down Music Venue
9/17/22 – Bend, OR – Volcanic Theatre Pub
9/19/22 – Sacramento, CA – Goldfield Trading Post
9/20/22 – Novato, CA – Hopmonk Tavern
9/21/22 – San Francisco, CA – Brick & Mortar Music Hall
9/23/22 – West Hollywood, CA – The Peppermint Club
9/24/22 – Phoenix, AZ – Valley Bar
9/26/22 – Austin, TX – Parish
9/27/22 – Dallas, TX – Deep Ellum Art Company
9/29/22 – Nashville, TN – Exit/In
10/1/22 – Marietta, OH – Peoples Bank Theatre
1/20/23 – Boca Raton, FL – The Funky Biscuit
1/23/23 – Downtown Miami, FL – The Rock Boat XXII
1/24/23 – Downtown Miami, FL – The Rock Boat XXII
1/25/23 – Downtown Miami, FL – The Rock Boat XXII
1/26/23 – Downtown Miami, FL – The Rock Boat XXII
1/27/23 – Downtown Miami, FL – The Rock Boat XXII
1/28/23 – Downtown Miami, FL – The Rock Boat XXII