Interview with Suzi Moon – New Album Dumb & In Luv Out Now


Interview by Steven Paugh

On the cusp of releasing her new album, Suzi Moon made a stop in Cincinnati opening for The Damned. While here, I was privileged enough to interview her on the modern rock scene and about her experiences within it.

Suzi Moon is a singer/songwriter from LA who is bringing a classic punk sound with a modern drive. As of Friday, September 23rd, she is back with a new rock ‘n roll album titled Dumb & In Luv. Produced by Pirates Press Records, this is the first full-length album by the band after a series of EPs and singles and it was well worth the wait. From chorus melodies that will be pleasantly stuck in your head, to hard, ripping bass lines that melt your face off (the title track in particular), the album has a collective sound of all the music styles that the band has dabbled in in recent years. Which is fitting considering the songs on the album were written before the release of their EPs. Suzi and the band just wanted more time to get the songs exactly how they wanted them before their release. The album is now streaming on all major platforms and can be purchased as a twelve inch vinyl in three different color choices at

As part of my interview with Suzi, I was curious what her opinion was on what todays rock scene even is. When asked what that may be Suzi had this to say:

“It could almost be a return to form. Like, the “new original punk rock” and taking music back to its roots. Every era of music has this point, the 80s hair metal stuff started pretty cool and organically but it just grew until so many bands were doing the exact same thing there was nothing interesting about it anymore, and out of that, grunge was born. You know, a return to basics and the original format and stripping things down. And I feel like that’s where we’re at right now. There are some great bands that are young and are cutting the fucking crap and just doing classic rock n roll punk rock without too much extra shit on it, and I think that’s fucking cool.”

In an age of nostalgia fueled consumerism, I’ve wondered how it’s affected up and coming artists trying to make a name for themselves when everyone has tunnel vision for by gone eras and artists. As an artist of an often called “dying genre”, I asked Suzi how it’s been trying to make a career as herself when everyone is comparing her to the likes of Joan Jett or Courtney Love.

“Well I don’t think I’m anything like either of those artists aside from the fact that we play guitar and are women. People are gonna do that with every artist you know? Like “Lady Gaga is the new Madonna”. I think it’s because they want the music that they love to carry on. So I’m not offended or insulted by that, I think it’s awesome. Because it means people are looking for the continuation of something they’ve loved, and meant something to them. The thing is no one can actually do anything the exact same thing as the other. I mean the way I dress, the way I write, the way I present myself is totally different from those other two fantastically talented women. So, I look at that as a really positive thing though that people are willing to let me in to their catalog, their lives, and their stereo. So I’m very pleased to hear that, but I’m just trying to be the best Suzi I can be.”

And with that, what is the message that Suzi Moon wants to bring with their music?

“It’s just true rock and roll. Whatever that means to any individual person. I’m just trying to keep it simple and be me, there’s not really a message to it. If anything it’s to be yourself but that’s a little cliche and not really my platform or anything like that. I don’t really give too many fucks about that.”

After seeing a show of hers and listening to the new album, the phrase “it’s just true rock and roll” couldn’t be more accurate. Suzi Moon is bringing her own style of rock to the modern day and I’m excited to see where her desire for fun and rock takes her and her band. Check out their music on any streaming platform and check your local venues if you don’t want to miss out on a great show by amazing performers.