Gary Clark Jr. Invited To Perform At Foo Fighters 20th Anniversary Blowout In Washington, D.C. On July 4, 2015


Gary Clark Jr. is a featured guest on HBO’S critically acclaimed new documentary series Foo Fighters Sonic Highways on an episode that debuted this past Friday, Nov 7th (Check local listings for multiple repeat showings). Foos’ frontman, Dave Grohl, has described the series, which was made concurrently with the Foo Fighters’ upcoming eighth album of the same title as “a love letter to the history of American music.” The band visits eight legendary studios in eight different cities across U.S. as they write and record the album. Friday’sepisode featuring Clark was shot in his hometown of Austin, TX. Clark is seen performing with the Foo Fighters on their new song “What Did I Do / God Is My Witness” from the Sonic Highways’ album.

The singer, songwriter, and guitarist will also perform at the Foo Fighters 20th Anniversary Blowout show on July 4th, 2015 at Washington D.C.’s RFK Stadium, alongside Buddy Guy, Heart, Joan Jett, LL Cool J and others. Tickets on sale now.

In September, Clark released Gary Clark Jr. Live, which features blistering performances that span his gigs at clubs, theatres, arenas and festivals from the past 18 months of non-stop touring. Each track was captured as purely and spontaneously as it was performed on the night with absolutely no overdubs. Response to his first official live set has been fantastic:

“This rising Texan’s two-CD set is his defining moment, a generous blast of prowess that backs up the future-of-blues-guitar promises made in Gary Clark Jr’s name since his burst-out performance at Eric Clapton’s 2010 Crossroads Festival. Wherever he chooses to go from here, he has what it takes to get there.” – Rolling Stone Magazine

“It’s no secret that Gary Clark jr is a force to be reckoned with. Backed by a tight little wrecking crew, he evokes the image of a steam engine via the chooga-chooga of his guitar even as his vocals slide cooly overtop, sounding impossible level. No filler. No overdubs. No noodle.” – Spin.Com

Since well before the release of his major-label debut album in 2012, this smoldering guitar hero and bluesman has been damned with high praise: His live show is so good, said the rabble, that no studio record could ever do him justice. “Gary Clark Jr. – LIVE” (Warner Bros.), a demolition derby on two discs, is one way to answer that claim, and no less welcome for being totally obvious.” – The New York Times

“If you like guitars, you’ll love Gary Clark Jr. tracks like ‘Bright Lights’ and especially ‘Numb’ rumbles with defiant grungy volume and power.” – LA Weekly

“This is how it should have gone down in the first place…focusing on the guitarist/singer’s greatest strength – namely , his scorching onstage performances…mesmerizing” – Tone Audio Magazine

Watch a trailer for the album here. More Gary Clark Jr. news to be announced soon.