Orchestral folk band Echo Bloom releases live album and concert film, Blue Shift on 6/17


Echo Bloom
Echo Bloom

Brooklyn-based orchestral folk band Echo Bloom is set to release a live concert version of their most recent concept album Blue (independently released in May 2013) entitled Blue Shift on June 17, 2014. Representing the dichotomy of two simultaneously different art forms, performed music and recorded music, Blue Shift documents a performance at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in Harlem where Blue was played in its entirety in a concert setting.

Lush and orchestral, Blue Shift not only features Echo Bloom frontman and songwriter Kyle Evans and his band members but also a variety of chamber instruments, horns, and choral parts. In addition to more standard instruments, the concert features french horn, oboe, a string quartet, a six piece choir, mellotron, autoharp, and a charango (an Andean folk instrument).

The Blue album features themes of religion and spirituality, so recording at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in Harlem was a natural choice for Evans and the band.

Blue Shift will be available in both audio and video formats and will also feature seven additional tracks.

More about Echo Bloom and Blue album

Echo Bloom was formed originally in 2009 (formerlyRosemont Family Reunion), headed by lead vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Kyle Evans. Originally from Florida where he was brought up in the southern Bible Belt, Evans wrote the Blue album with lush orchestral textures and chamber instruments, creating what he coins as “folkestral” (orchestral folk) music.  The album is filled with Biblical allusions, and Evans implies a personal spirituality at its core.  “The album is about making your own myths – finding your own religion.  In many of the songs, people blur with flora and fauna, implying the interconnectedness of everything.  That’s my religion – one where everything is bound together.”

Blue is the first of a three-album series, including Red(country/shoegaze) and Green (classic pop) which are set to be released separately in 2014. Echo Bloom is currently based in Brooklyn, New York and will be touring the US and Europe in the coming year.