"Live From The Station Inn" Debuts On NECAT Network – Producers of Music City Roots Partner With Local Cable to Present Music from Historic Venue


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (March 8, 2012) – The producers of Music City Roots have partnered with the NECAT Network to bring Live from the Station Inn into the living rooms of Nashville cable viewers.

Beginning Sunday March 11, at 8:00pm CST, viewers can experience each week the music that happens inside the World Famous Station Inn, the legendary music venue. Executive Producers Todd Mayo and John Walker have assembled a team to film select shows with the goal of merging old-school broadcast tradition with new-school technology to export Nashville’s authentic musical culture to the world… starting in Nashville.

The first episode will showcase The Vespers, a local quartet quickly becoming a favorite. “We intend to present the Station Inn exactly as it is and offer viewers a window into a very special place,” said Mayo, who also produces Bluegrass Underground. Added Walker, “As the Improv is for comedy, this is the place where the best of the best in Americana and Bluegrass music come back time and time again to renew their inspiration, get in touch with their roots, and try new things before a music-savvy and appreciative audience. We want to show the rest of the world the treat that a couple of hundred locals get when they cram into this little bar.”

The production team is led by Associate Producer Laurie Dashper. “The Station Inn is a national treasure, and we don’t want to change it one bit,” said Dashper. “We just want to shine a light on it, stained walls and all.”

Mayo and Walker hired legendary director Jim Yockey to create an honest, intimate glimpse into the down-home venue, with no special changes for the camera. “It’s one of the most magical things I’ve directed in my career,” says Yockey.

Kim Hayes, Executive Director of the NECAT Network said “We are so excited to add Live from the Station Inn to our MCAtv 9 schedule. This is exactly the kind of show we want to broadcast to feature the vast talent from Nashville. And working with the Music City Roots team is a great treat… we love everything they do!”

The World Famous Station Inn is Bluegrass and Roots music’s premiere listening room. In its current location for over thirty years, it is considered by many to be the right-of-passage stage on which the famous and not-so-famous perform. www.stationinn.com

NECAT (Nashville Education, Community, and Arts Television) is the not-for-profit organization that operates Music City Arts 9, iQtv10, and Access Nashville 19 on Comcast Cable in Davidson County. These local stations bring the talent and knowledge of its residents to over 175,000 homes in Davidson County. www.necat.tv

Music City Roots, Live from the Loveless Cafe, is a worldwide platform, built to showcase the amazing musical culture that is rooted so deeply in our community. In the spirit of the broadcasting visionaries and pioneers that literally gave birth to music city, they seek to explore all avenues of today’s technology to deliver an intimate glimpse into the local culture, while finding entertaining and creative ways to network artists, fans, and sponsors.www.musiccityroots.com

Live from the Station Inn
will feature Livestream broadcasts of all the shows captured and host the archived peformances.www.livefromthestationinn.com