Umphrey's McGee exclusive 72hr promotion


Groupees, an innovative new flash sale platform featuring digital media content from leading independent artists, announced today that it will be launching its next promotion featuring Chicago’s improg sensation, Umphrey’s McGee. The Umphrey’s Bundle is slated to start Wednesday, April 13th at 11:00 am CST http:/ . The campaign will run for 72 hours and is priced using Pay What You Want which allows fans to name their price with a minimum of $5 (products retail for $24) goes live Wednesday.The promotion, titled “Umphrey’s Bundle” packages together 4 products:

– Mantis: Umphrey’s McGee’s latest studio album which Rolling Stone called “… their slickest and most ambitious tunes yet.”

Live from Toad’s Place Acoustic: In April of 2009, the band snuck back into the legendary hole in the wall that is Toad’s Place for an extremely rare, 2 set acoustic show. They ditched the amps for bar stools and let it all hang out in celebration of drummer Kris Myers birthday. This intimate recording showcases the band in a relaxed & festive environment and allows their midwestern humor and musical sensibilities to shine through. The set list is comprised of a slew of fan favorites (including the debut of Ride On Pony) as well several classic cover tunes from Bob Seger to Pink Floyd.

– Linear: The energy was palpable this evening as the band kicked off its 2 night Halloween run at the majestic Pageant Theater in St. Louis, MO. This video highlights the band’s seamless blend of styles as they interweave electronic grooves with razor sharp rock licks. Combine that with robust lighting production and Halloween teases sprinkled throughout and you’ve got yourself a weighty and wildly entertaining 12+ minutes.

– Tool Meets Umphrey’s: Hot of the presses from this year’s UMBowl, this video is the essence of UM. During this one of a kind event, fans submitted themes in real time via text message and choice submissions were selected as a basis for their improvisation.  This captures Umphrey’s unique ability to compose on the spot using loosely discussed ideas.

The Umphrey’s Bundle also includes a special bonus product if the promotion’s goal of 10,000 purchases is met:

Never before heard Umphrey’s track (currently still in production): Here’s the chance to hear it before it becomes a live staple! All participating fans will receive the mp3 once the sales threshold is attained.