The Dunn Boys Deliver Whiskey Fueled Celtic Rock On Volume 1

Peterborough, Ontario—It’s not every day that a bunch of aspiring hockey playing family members decide to start a band and actually follow through on that.  But that’s exactly what Canadian band The Dunn Boys did.  Starting in 2008 by front man and lead singer Jason Dunn, and along with brothers Josiah and Jacob and their dad, Paul, The Dunn Boys are self-deprecating when they call themselves a “worse version of the Pogues,” but if you hear their whiskey-fueled Celtic rock, it’s not even fair to call them “worse” at anything.
And now the general public can hear The Dunn Boys’ brand of Celtic Rock, as they are pleased to announce the release of their debut album, Volume 1.  On this blazing set of music, you can hear influences such as The Pogues as well as Flogging Molly, The Irish Rovers and Great Big Sea.
“We’re a bunch of wannabee hockey players turned into wannabee musicians,” says Jason.  “We started in 2008 when I was returning home to Peterborough (Ontario) for the first time in several years. A few friends of mine who played locally thought it would be cool to rent the old venue we used to play at as kids for a Christmas party. I offered to provide the live entertainment for the night — kind of serious, but kind of not. Long story short, I threw together a bunch of songs, and then wrote some more. I phoned my dad and brothers and told them of my idea. Three months and two rehearsals went by and The Dunn Boys were born.”
The Dunn Boys will be hitting the road in the US this spring, and then playing some festivals in Canada this summer to support Volume 1.  And while they won’t be playing hockey professionally any time soon, they are just as happy to be making and playing music.
“They say if you’re happy with what you’re doing, you’ll never work a day in your life,” said Jason.  “I guess I’m very proud and very thankful to say that I’m ‘unemployed!’”
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