The Gabbard Brothers Announce Debut Self-Titled Album out 7/15 via Colemine Records


Photo by Mitch LaGrow

Today, The Gabbard Brothers announced their debut self-titled album, out July 15th via Karma Chief / Colemine Records. From the ashes of the acclaimed Ohio rock band Buffalo Killers, singers/ songwriters/siblings Zachary and Andrew Gabbard have re-emerged as The Gabbard Brothers. And while there are still similarities to their previous band — with nods to greats like Neil Young, James Gang, and Buffalo Springfield — there’s a hazier, organic, earthy-psych vibe running through the brothers’ new music. The album announcement comes with the release of the single “Little Mama.”

Like virtually every other recording act, the pandemic cast a shadow of uncertainty over the duo’s new work. “I think it would’ve been impossible to do this record with other people included, at the time it was created,” Andy admits. “But since it was just us two playing all the instruments we knew we could be safe and also split the recording process easily between our home studios.”

The Gabbard Brothers released their two debut singles “Sell Your Gun Buy A Guitar” and “Too Much To Feel” in 2019 and 2020. While comparisons to so many greats have always come easy with their previous work, the brothers seem to be settling into their own signature sound. Zachary and Andrew also served as The Black Keys’ bassist and guitarist, respectively, in their expanded tour group in 2019 and are slated to join Dan & Patrick on the road again for the Keys’ extensive upcoming 2022 summer/fall Dropout Boogie Tour.

The Gabbard Brothers drops on July 15th via Karma Chief Records.

The Gabbard Brothers Tracklist:
1. Hang On, Mama
2. Feel Better Love Better
3. Pockets Of Your Mind
4. Little Mama
5. Said Too Much
6. Hazard KY Bluegrass Grandma
7. Early Pages
8. Lovin’ Arms
9. Yer A Rockstar
10. Gimme Some Of That
11. Easter’s Child
12. Lay Down