Anya Hinkle Releases ‘Why Women Need Wine (At Christmas)’


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Anya Hinkle is bringing some holiday cheer with a “Why Women Need Wine (At Christmas).” It is a fun and festive take of her song “Why Women Need Wine,” from her album Eden and Her Borderlands (Organic Records July 16, 2021) and will be independently released on Friday, Dec 17.

Pop Matters calls “Why Women Need Wine” “a musical eye roll that takes on the patriarchy” and Folk Alley says the accompanying video is, “Full of tinkling effervescence, wry nods and winks, and capacious laughter… With a bright canniness, Hinkle points out many of the expectations women face in our society.”

Anya says, “‘Why Women Need Wine’ has always been about honoring women’s work and women’s journeys into trusting themselves while celebrating their own unique ways of doing things… even when it feels like we are getting it all wrong. A wonderful friend of mine suggested that a holiday-themed rewrite of the song could be a fun thing to do for the holidays this year, and she was right—writing a Christmas version of the song has been just what I needed to jump in with two feet. With this version I want to celebrate all the incredible work women do to make the holidays special, and laugh a little while we work. Happy Holidays and Cheers!”

Taking to social media for some suggestions she cooked up new lyrics and recorded it solo in her home studio in Asheville, laughing all the way, ho ho ho… She says, “Y’all, it’s been fun! I’ve been laughing out loud, really. Bellyfulls of laughter. Levity I’ve really needed recently.”

Just as the original relates stories of situations and attitudes that women deal with day to day and reminding them with a little humor, a lot of friendship — and maybe an eye roll — they can shake it off and move on with their lives, the Christmas version sums it up for the holiday season.

“When I woke up this morning I tested all of the Christmas lights… (Tell-me) Why when one burns out the rest go out on down the line” and “Santa, Do you hear what I hear? Let me get this through my mind… You’re just gonna let everybody thank you for all the stuff I go out and find.”

The phrase “Why Women Need Wine” came to Hinkle when she was feeling down and reached out to a friend who said “Come over, I’ve got a great bottle of wine, let’s talk.” “I spilled it all out, just said every ridiculous thing and we laughed, I cried, and on my way home I just felt so much better,” says Hinkle. “Everything seemed possible again, I got a grip, and this line popped into my head: This is why women need wine.”

Anya is hosting a special holiday livestream program, Holidaze At Home, on Sunday Dec 19 and will perform “Why Women Need Wine (At Christmas)” along with some tunes from Eden and Her Borderlands, and you can see her tree!

We hope you will enjoy listening and sharing the song as you gather with your friends and family over the Holidays. Most importantly, enjoy this beautiful time of year. The light is so beautiful and poignant.

“Why Women Need Wine (At Christmas)” is available as a free download with any purchase from her online store before Dec 31 at and it will hit the digital streams on Dec 17.