The String Cheese Incident’s 2003 album ‘Untying the Not’ available on vinyl for the first time ever


The String Cheese Incident has announced the release of their famed album Untying The Not on vinyl for the first time ever. The limited-edition, double LP, heavyweight gold vinyl is available for pre-order now HERE.

“Untying The Not was a different kind of album for us because for the first time, we hired a very hands-on producer (Youth), and let him craft the music with us. He brilliantly infused his studio savvy and clever arrangement ideas to help us create our most realized album to date. The goal was not to recreate the live in-concert sound of the band, but to stretch the limits of what could be achieved in the studio.

“From the soaring rock anthem treatment of ‘Wake Up,’ to the Pink Floyd-like vibe of ‘Orion’s Belt,’ to the space intro and outro of ‘Lonesome Road Blues,’ the creative studio mojo is all over this album. The hauntingly beautiful Kyle Hollingsworth composition ‘Elijah’ marked the passing of Bill Nershi’s nephew and features Mellotron and a one-man Michael Kang string section. ‘Valley Of The Jig’ is the first time SCI combined bluegrass and programmed dance music. Youth was very excited about this and it proved to be a fertile genre for the band moving forward. Check out the monstrous rock production of ‘Tinder Box,’ the beautifully evocative arrangement of the Nershi/Barlow classic ‘Just Passing Through,’ and the super popular studio version of ‘Sirens!’ I love the Beatles-esque treatment of ‘Who Am I?,’ and the rock opera production of Michael Travis’ ‘Time Alive.’

“This is a beautifully constructed and sequenced album that is a really fun listen, start to finish. Enjoy!”
– KEITH MOSELEY, The String Cheese Incident