The Steel Woods Release Autobiographical New Track By Late Founder Jason “Rowdy” Cope


Acclaimed rock band The Steel Woods have released the new track “Out of the Blue” from their upcoming album All of Your Stones, which comes out on May 14th on Woods Music/Thirty Tigers. Listen HERE.

“Out of the Blue” is an autobiographical song written by the group’s late co-founder, co-songwriter, and guitarist Jason “Rowdy” Cope, who passed away unexpectedly in his sleep on January 16th following the completion of the album. The recently revealed cause of Cope’s death was due to severe complications from diabetes. Cope lived with his diabetes for some time prior to being diagnosed in 2018 and it took an enormous toll on him both physically and mentally. Following his diagnosis, Cope took all the right steps to get his life back on track, which included overcoming a brief bout with alcoholism. Cope was clean, sober and in good mental health right up until his untimely passing, as evidenced by his clean toxicology report.

Cope had successfully conquered his demons and was living with a new lease on life, taking nothing for granted. “Out of the Blue” is his story of coming out of the darkness and back into the light. The weight and emotion lead singer Wes Baylis exudes while singing Cope’s lyrics is palpable as he sings verses such as, “I’ve seen red, I’ve seen white / I’ve seen death, I’ve seen life / I never saw myself coming through / I’ve finally come out of the blue, Lord /I’ve finally come out of the blue.”

With the blessing and wishes of Cope’s family, The Steel Woods will continue on and the release of All of Your Stones will serve as a tribute to their fallen leader, whose spirit lives on through their music.

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