Country Singer-Songwriter Jeremy Pinnell Shares Haunting Cover of Concrete Blonde’s “Joey”


The single version of country singer-songwriter Jeremy Pinnell’s cover of Concrete Blonde’s “Joey” will be released on all digital and streaming platforms this Wednesday, January 13th via Sofaburn Records. This stand-alone single comes in advance of Jeremy’s third studio album, Goodbye L.A., which will be dropping later this year.

Sofaburn owner and JP’s manager, Chris Mueller, shares a little more detail on this particular recording…
“After over 300 tour dates in the previous three years, Jeremy was sitting at home last summer, and, because of the pandemic, realized he was going to be there for much longer than he was hoping. Refusing to allow the downtime to kill his love for his art, he purchased some basic recording equipment with the intention of doing some home recordings. This particular Wednesday back in July, with whatever was going on inside him, he went down to his basement and recorded this cover of ‘Joey’ to his phone, one of the most haunting versions of any song I’d ever heard.”