My Morning Jacket on Late Night with Seth Meyers last night


My Morning Jacket performed “Climbing The Ladder” from their critically acclaimed new album The Waterfall II last night on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

Over the summer, My Morning Jacket surprise-released The Waterfall II. The album was met by worldwide critical acclaim, with Pitchfork declaring, “If its predecessor was about conflict and healing – it’s My Morning Jacket’s thorniest album, emotionally speaking – then this follow-up is more about what comes after that healing.” “Despite its sequel-style title, The Waterfall II stands as an equal to its well-loved predecessor,” wrote Consequence of Sound, “one that moves from the sunny banks at the top of the falls to the deep and bracing waters down below.” Uncut called the album “sweetly sprawling,” noting that it includes epic Crazy Horse jams, beautiful low-key ballads, a spot of soft jazz, country, and a soul number…tied together by Jim James’ consistently terrific vocals and the ever-present threat of sustained reverb.”