Heather Porcaro shares new song “All Hands On Deck”


Heather Porcaro’s latest single “All Hands on Deck” is a rallying cry for community and creativity in the face of never ceasing challenges. Porcaro’s clever writing reflects years spent in the works, paying homage to the obstacle of self-acceptance through a lighthearted lens: “I’m not who I once was, I’m kind of on the run,” she sings with unabashed vulnerability. Sultry vocals and layered instrumentals balance a playfulness with Porcaro’s mature perspective, brilliantly reflecting the common desire, young or old, to be seen.

“All Hands on Deck” was written in 2019, as the artist awoke from a spell of health concerns and career distractions that kept her from her music. From a low place, she called upon friends Tim Young and Scott Seiver to pull her out of a musical funk, and help produce what would become the first singles in her professional repertoire. “All Hands on Deck” is inspired by the real-life circumstances of this community- to-the-rescue, and the magical freedom of expression that ensues. The accompanying music video from director Ariana Delawari explores the diverse manifestations of artistic identity and the artist’s role in harnessing them.