Turkuaz Releases New Beatles Cover, “You Never Give Me Your Money”


Nine-piece funk band Turkuaz has delivered the third installment from their Live From Out There set. Following previous Beatles covers of “Rain” and “Here Comes The Sun,” is Paul McCartney-penned “You Never Give Me Your Money.”

The Beatles’ lasting influence on Turkuaz’s Dave Brandwein and Taylor Shell is further solidified with the powerful second side of 1969’s Abbey Road. A favorite of both Brandwein and Shell, and what Brandwein calls part of The Beatles’ “last burst of magic as a band,” the track is honest as it discusses the struggles and ultimate demise of the legendary English rock band.

After releasing covers of other Beatles tunes, “Rain” and “Here Comes The Sun,” this one felt most natural to follow as it reflects life’s peaks and valleys. Frontman Brandwein explains, “This song being third might represent the inevitable complications that arise in life, even after a sunny period. There’s always more. Things are always changing and evolving and this represents some of that.”

Staying true to the original arrangement of the song allowed bassist Shell to gain a deeper understanding of what makes The Beatles so incomparable. Through this rendition, his goal was to capture some of what he refers to as the greatest bass-playing of all time. “This song really does it all.” Shell continues, “It unfolds with elegant mystery, it’s super catchy and the rhythm section parts are amazing. It’s really just a bold statement at the end of their amazing run.”

Turkuaz will release their full Beatles set, as performed on Live From Out There, in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for more information.

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