Alan Evans’ Crushed Velvet and the Velveteers Releases Poignant Video For “As Far As We Know”


Last week, Alan Evans’ latest musical project, Crushed Velvet and the Velveteers, released a powerful new single via Vintage League Music, “As Far As We Know,” featuring the vocal stylings of D.C.-based musician, Brother GoodLove, as well as a cast of VLM-affiliated artists including, pianist Darby Wolf, Alex Lee-Clark and Brian Thomas of BT ALC Big Band, baritone guitarist Ryan Hommel, and string player Cynthia Tolson.

Today, to follow up the timely and poignant single—one that boasts a message of unification and peace among mankind—the band shares the official music video for “As Far As We Know,” directed by Samuel Hall. The 5-minute video sees Brother GoodLove travel around Washington, D.C. while pondering the profound message of his lyrics, including footage captured during the current Black Lives Matters protests in the area.

Check out the video for “As Far As We Know” now:

“I originally wrote the music for ‘As Far As We Know’ back in May 2019 with another VLM project in mind,” shares Evans on the collaborative project. “I knew that I wanted to have Stephane (Brother GoodLove) singing on this song from the beginning. I didn’t realize that Stephane would turn that working title into such beautiful and powerful lyrics—I was really blown away when he sent me the first demo of the vocal and couldn’t wait to get it into full production but for whatever reason, it wasn’t the right time. But once I had the idea for the new Crushed Velvet and the Velveteers album, ‘As Far As You Know’ being included was a no brainer. So during quarantine, Stephane cut the vocals and I called on my Vintage League Music family of musicians to fill out the song and the rest is history. Without a doubt, it’s one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written.”

At a time where the world might seem bleak and divided, Crushed Velvet and the Velveteers deliver a track calling for unification and peace among mankind: “As far as we know / We ain’t too different / You and I could spend all our time / Make this world a better ride / Imagine the difference if we try.”

Stephane Detchou, who performs under the moniker Brother GoodLove, was born in Montreal to Cameroonian parents and has been surrounded by music his entire life. Genres like folk, jazz, soul, rock and reggae were central in his upbringing and would come to influence the music he would later produce. It is within soul where he explores his identity and sense of self, reflects on the world and contributes to a future he believes in—and “As Far As We Know” is no exception, a song for which he penned the lyrics for.

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