The Grahams Release New Video “One More Heartbreak”


Filmed live at the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London, England, The Grahams share their “One More Heartbreak” video exclusively via American Songwriter today (June 10, 2020). “One More Heartbreak” is the third in their series of live performances filmed and recorded at the iconic studio, following “Heartbroken Town” and “Searching The Milky Way.” The three tracks are taken from their new album KIDS LIKE US (released on March 27, 2020 via 3 Sirens Music Group/RED MUSIC/The Orchard) and all feature one special connection: a deep heartbreak that they experienced in their lives. Most notably, “Searching The Milky Way” was written as an ode to the band’s good friend and producer Richard Swift (The Shins, Damien Jurado, Nathaniel Rateliff). KIDS LIKE US was the last album Richard produced before his passing; co-producer Dan Molad (Lucius, Elizabeth & the Catapult, The Wild Reeds) later took over the project.

Captivating vocalist Alyssa Graham dives deep into heartache and torment, focusing all the power from these emotions into her performance of “One More Heartbreak”. Doug Graham’s backup vocals float into the mix, offering strength and security during the chorus, elevating the desolation expressed in this song.

“‘One More Heartbreak’ is that epic ‘heartbreak’ song that we’ve always struggled to write,” Alyssa explains to American Songwriter. “As many people know, Doug and I have been together our entire lives – since we were kids playing [childhood games] Ding Dong Ditch and Kick the Can in the Jersey Suburbs. We’ve been in love the whole time, so writing a heartbreak song has always been a challenge. I think we wanted to tell the story of our greatest fear, which would ultimately be losing each other,” she explains. “Our love affair isn’t perfect, it’s not without its share of heart wrenching explosions. This is why the resolve of the song is actually, ‘is it too late for one more heartbreak?’ I think both of us believe it’s never too late if you love each other as brutally deeply as we do.”

Recording in Abbey Road Studios was a dream-come-true experience for the band. “I don’t know exactly how it happened or what cosmic forces came together to create this opportunity for us, but I know that besides maybe our wedding, and the unexpected early birth of our daughter, it was the most surreal and mind-altering experience we’ve had to date. Not to mention we got to do it together with our full band (who we adore) and our eight month-old baby girl Georgette.” During their recording at Abbey Road, they say that they felt the “power of something supernatural”, “the beauty and energy of all the inspiring music of our lives, something way bigger than us. We will carry that with us forever.”

KIDS LIKE US was inspired not only by their upbringing as kids growing up but also by their “wild and eye-opening” motorcycle journey across America on Route 66 during the 2016 election season. “It was dangerous, infuriating, magical and extraordinarily romantic. It made us take a hard look at The America we live in now vs. The America we grew up in together.” All the songs on the record including “One More Heartbreak” are part of this experience and that inevitable comparison. “I think certain songs like “Kids Like Us” and “Bite My Tongue” explore an angry side of this journey, perhaps a loss of something innocent. Whereas songs like “Mr. G” and “One More Heartbreak” are a response to that anger, a longing and ultimately a conscious decision to choose love.” At the end of the day, as they expressed above, it’s never too late to choose love.