Libby Rodenbough of Mipso Announces Solo Album Release


Durham songwriter/violinist Libby Rodenbough announces the release of her first-ever full-length solo album Spectacle Of Love, out May 29, 2020 on Sleepy Cat Records. The album’s first single “Tell Me How,” which was premiered by hometown paper Indy Week earlier this week, is available now on all digital service providers. Listen to “Tell Me How” here.

Most widely known by music fans as one-fourth of the indie Americana band Mipso, Rodenbough’s distinctive fiddle tones and ethereal, lilting vocals are well-accustomed to sonic settings that push the boundaries of traditional genres into new territory. On her first solo record, this spirit of artistic exploration and expansion remains a constant for Rodenbough. Plucked from the Mipso collective, Rodenbough adds acoustic and electric guitar, piano and synth, and more to her personal repertoire of instruments, and invites in a widened family of stellar North Carolina musicians to help bring Spectacle Of Love to fruition.

The depth of Rodenbough’s songwriting––and her knack for seamlessly juxtaposing intense emotion with observational asides––is fully revealed on Spectacle Of Love. With lyrics delivered head-on and creative choices in service of that same unwavering honesty, Spectacle of Love is simultaneously an intimate confession and an expansive declaration.

Rodenbough’s first track release from Spectacle Of Love, “Tell Me How,” is full of this signature force of experience. Rodenbough explains of the song, “It’s just about being so, so sad; so sad that you see sadness in all the lovely things. I’m not telling you anything new! It’s the hungry-for-torture imagination of the lovelorn, saying, ‘give me some images of our separateness,’ then ‘you aren’t even happy,’ then ‘okay, okay; I’ll shut up.’ This song (like a lot of mine) is about the first big love, the one that teaches you your capacity. There’s a hilarious side of it, crying in your nice bathtub in your nice house with snot running down your lips, and I know that side, but sometimes you want to take seriously the glory of getting pulverized.”

More about Spectacle Of Love HERE.