The Wood Brothers Release Video For “Little Bit Sweet”


The Wood Brothers have released a new video for “Little Bit Sweet” (Watch/Share). Premiered today by American Songwriter, the song—off the band’s latest studio album, ‘Kingdom In My Mind’—builds upon a simple, fingerpicked guitar figure with a poignant lyric that speaks to the complexities of love in all forms—familial, romantic and spiritual among them. A soaring harmony supports the refrain, while Chris Wood’s bass line delicately establishes a lilting forward motion. The accompanying video, created by Austin, Texas-based artist Gary Dorsey, combines band performance footage with animation that reflects the song’s sentiment.

“Lyrically the song speaks to the yins and yangs of love—every kind of love,” explains Oliver Wood tells American Songwriter. “How the value and preciousness of love is matched by its fragility and fleetingness. The images in the lyrics are from personal experiences, and the connected feelings should feel pretty universal.”

Video director Gary Dorsey explains: “As I listened to ‘Little Bit Sweet,’ I felt an overwhelming sense of nostalgia. I was taken back to my grandparent’s house, memories of climbing trees, playing in the tool shed, and the smell of old oil cans. For the video, I wanted to relate the beauty of those memories and how safe all of that felt for me, that feeling of the people that you love watching over you throughout your life. I hope that I’m taking the viewer on a journey that reminds them of those younger days and family memories, reminds them of the loved ones that may have already left this life, and perhaps brings back a bit of that childhood wonder we all wish that we could get back.”

The Wood Brothers recently cut short the West Coast leg of a year long world tour in support of ‘Kingdom In My Mind’ due to the COVID-19 epidemic. They’ve also postponed all April shows with plans in the works to reschedule later this year.

“The timing of this video being released is certainly bittersweet for us, but we hope this can be a reminder of the connections we all share,” adds Oliver. “Maybe in some small way the song can be a reprieve from the stress and fear everyone is feeling out there right now.”