Esperanza Spalding Releases New Video For “Move Many”


Esperanza Spalding has released her latest music video for the song-spell “Move Many.” The track is from this year’s 12 Little Spells (Concord Records) — an album that explores the healing power of art and how music and the body interact, with each song-spell inspired by a different part of the body.

Watch the video for “Move Many” here:

“Move Many” is dedicated to the body’s joints, and its visual captures a much-needed escape from the mundane daily routine — a gradual breakthrough that culminates in Spalding feeling especially human.

As Spalding explains: “‘Move Many’ is dedicated to the activation of one’s many different ways of moving through their/this world. Particularly ways that haven’t been explored yet…sometimes the next move, can feel as immense as spending your whole life as a 2D figure, and realizing you have a whole 3D plane to work with!”

The video was directed and written by VAM STUDIO filmmaker Jordan Phelps, who previously directed Esperanza’s “Lest We Forget” video.

“My vision for “Move Many”, while running with Esperanza’s 2-D inspiration, could not have been achieved without the brilliant work of Sarah Fornace and the Manual Cinema cast. The hyper-specific medium of live performance blended with 2D imagery made this a production so beautifully translated from artist to both production teams,” Phelps said.

When 12 Little Spells was released on streaming services in October, it was met with raves and appeared on a number of Best Albums of 2018 lists including the NY Times, Rolling Stone and Billboard. It was released on a number of physical and download formats in May, along with 4 new songs that Esperanza recently recorded.

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