Chance McCoy of Old Crow Medicine Show Releases Solo Debut Single; Forthcoming Album This Fall


Virtuoso multi-instrumentalist Chance McCoy released today his solo debut single “No One Loves You (The Way That I Do).” Best known as a member of the Grammy-winning Americana powerhouse Old Crow Medicine Show, the song is the first peak into his forthcoming debut album which is set to release this fall. Rolling Stone called it an “atmospheric, concise tune, adding a gently pulsing drum track to meandering layers of strings” that “channels youthful wanderlust in the idyllic folk meditation.”

Listen to “No One Loves You (The Way That I Do)” HERE.

“Every time I would come home from tour with Old Crow, I would lock myself in the basement and work on creating new music,” said Chance. “After six years of recording myself, I began to discover that all-elusive thing all artists search for: my ‘sound’. ‘No One Loves You (The Way That I Do)’ was my first breakthrough as a basement producer. It captured something elusive, it was a turning point. That track lit a fire in me, there was no turning back. Once I had that first success getting an idea out of my head, I had to go all the way and see what else was in there.”

He continued, “I came up with the lick down in Muscle Shoals in the middle of the night at a friend’s cabin on the lake. My son had his guitar tuned all crazy, I couldn’t sleep so I snatched it off the couch and came up with the lick. It was meditative, just rocking back and forth on my bed playing that figure on the acoustic. The lyrics are written about my time as a white water guide out west. They’re all true except the romance. I had to make that part up because I was lonely as hell back then. I was sleeping in the back of my truck. All I cared about was being on the river, riding those waves.”

Watch Chance perform “No One Loves You (The Way That I Do)” live HERE.

A proficient fiddler, guitarist, and banjo player, McCoy was raised in West Virginia and honed his craft while apprenticing under a series of master Appalachian players. He would later take home top honors at the prestigious West Virginia State Championships for fiddle, banjo, and dulcimer which ultimately led to getting the call from Old Crow a few years later. However, his forthcoming solo debut album reveals a remarkable depth and versatility far beyond anything we’ve heard from him yet. Captivating in its cross of the traditional and the progressive, the songs show little regard for the conventional boundaries of genre and decade, blending old-school bluegrass melodies with modern rock and roll arrangements and rich, atmospheric production. “People know me as a folk musician, but I’m expanding my creative horizons and blazing some new trails with this album,” said Chance. “Wandering’s what I do.”