Acclaimed Duo Over The Rhine Announces First New Album In Four Years LOVE & REVELATION – Out March 15


Critically acclaimed husband and wife duo Over the Rhine celebrates 30 years of making understated yet emotionally-charged music with the March 15th release of Love & Revelation. Self-produced and releasing on their own Great Speckled Dog label, Over the Rhine’s first new music in four years finds the beloved duo in a deeply reflective place, contemplating both personal loss and the wavering of America’s collective compass. 2013’s acclaimed double album Meet Me At The Edge Of The World found the pair settling into a new chapter of their lives in rural Ohio. On the other end of the emotional spectrum, Love & Revelation explores the many forms of grief and how we react and process, but as with much of Over the Rhine’s body of work, there is often a deep undercurrent of hope.

Over the course of the last three decades, Linford Detweiler and Karin Bergquist (aka Over the Rhine) have established a reputation for delivering genuine, heartfelt stories of the human condition that are both empathetic and provocative. The pair’s expansive, incisive lyrics and earthy sound are often inspired by time and place. Each album represents a certain chapter in their lives – what they have experienced, and the resulting emotional landscape. Love & Revelation embodies the last four years.

Another revelation transpiring in that time frame is Over the Rhine’s Nowhere Else Festival. Now in its fourth year, the annual event has become a “musical family reunion” of nearly 1,000 fans and friends. Poised to grow significantly, the gathering takes place on the farm Bergquist and Detweiler call home in rural Clinton County, Ohio, outside of Cincinnati. In many ways the festival acts as an extension of the community they have established with their fans, as they invite a variety of artists, writers and filmmakers for a weekend of music, art and conversation. This year’s artist curated event will take place on Memorial Day Weekend from May 24-26, 2019. More info at

Over the Rhine creates music that is both intimate and revelatory, with deeply rich textures, intricate arrangements and Bergquist’s warm, evocative vocals. Tracks such as “Los Lunas”, “Given Road” and “Broken Angels” exude these qualities. While each of the songs can feel like its own short film, the album nonetheless coalesces into a feature-length immersive experience. The resulting soulful collection illustrates life’s major moments, from suffering to celebration, while also creating a personal connection that feels innately human. True to form, the resilient duo retains their sense of hope as they look forward to the next 30 years.