Neyla Pekarek Releases New Song “Better Than Annie” From New Album, Rattlesnake


Neyla Pekarek, formerly of The Lumineers, has revealed the second new song off her forthcoming solo album ‘Rattlesnake,’ out January 18, 2019 on S-Curve Records.

“Better Than Annie” is a teasing ode to American sharpshooter Annie Oakley, hinting at a playful rivalry between the two women against the backdrop of a melody that could soundtrack a barroom brawl. Paste agrees, calling the track, “playful, confident and a fun change of pace.”

Listen to “Better Than Annie” here:

“As I share the story of Rattlesnake Kate, more times than I can count, someone remarks ‘Oh, just like Annie Oakley,’ and while Annie Oakley was certainly a remarkable person, she was a different person, who lived at a different time period with a different story to tell,” Neyla told Paste. “And I thought it was unfair to sum all western women’s stories up by just one woman’s experience.”

“Better Than Annie” follows lead single “Train,” the rollicking album opener which Billboard called, “fearless,” saying, “Pekarek channels her inner midwest badass.” Both tracks are ridden with the concept record’s adventurous spirit and recall the tales from one of the strongest independent women and unsung heroes of the old west, Kate Slaughterback, better known as Rattlesnake Kate.

Produced by Matt Ward in Portland, Oregon, Neyla’s solo debut ‘Rattlesnake’ was written while she was on tour with The Lumineers and recounts Rattlesnake’s Kate’s life as a “Folk Opera” by shining a light on a number of the incredible tales from Kate’s life, including her triumph over a pack of rampaging rattlesnakes, a 40-year love letter correspondence she maintained with a man she never actually met, and more. Neyla recently sat down with The Washington Post’s The Lily and talked about the record, saying, “It’s about looking on the optimistic side and feeling there is a new chapter for me as well.” Read their full story here:

Neyla is currently working on a musical version of Rattlesnake Kate’s story with the Denver Center for the Performing Arts and will tour extensively in support of ‘Rattlesnake’ in the new year. Full touring route to be announced soon.

2.The Attack
3.Better Than Annie
4.Letters To The Colonel (feat. Brian Cronan)
6.Brownie: Ode To A Horse
7.The Perfect Gown
9.Hold On Tight
10.I’m A Scoundrel (feat. Brian Cronan)
11.Swearing You Off
13.Western Woman