Mary Bragg Releases First Single from Forthcoming Album Due Out in Early 2019


Acclaimed Nashville singer/songwriter Mary Bragg released today the first single off her forthcoming album which is due out in early 2019. Titled “I Thought You Were Somebody Else,” the new single finds the “Americana Queen” (Noisey) examining the ways we disguise ourselves and deceive each other in life and in love.

Listen to “I Thought You Were Somebody Else” HERE.

“Having the rug pulled out from under you is never a good feeling,” Bragg told The Boot who unveiled the first look at the single yesterday. “I don’t think people intentially disguise the real versions of themselves, but slowly, we construct these narratives about who a person is, and what your relationship is. For this tune, my co-writer Bill DeMain and I wanted to capture the devastating shock of getting it wrong.”

The lead track off the upcoming album, “I Thought You Were Somebody Else” is a languid, seductive tune that feels both classic and modern at once. It’s an ideal entry point for a record all about the stories in our heads, the little voices that delude us into hearing what we want to hear or weigh us down with self-doubt and insecurity.

Her most vulnerable, honest, and powerful collection of songs yet, the new album is the follow-up to 2017’s critically acclaimed Lucky Strike. Hailed as a “sublime distilling of Southern grit” and one of the year’s best by NPR Music, Bragg dipped her toes into a kind of radical honesty that she had only hinted at before, and it connected with audiences in profound and deeply personal way. It was the first time she started to fully understand the importance of directly addressing really personal issues and hardship through song. It emboldened Mary to trust her gut in a whole new way on her upcoming record where she reaches deeper than ever before. Self-produced and self-engineered at Bragg’s home studio, the new collection of songs are both beautiful and blunt, the work of an artist only just beginning to embrace the full range of her talents.

Tour Dates:
10/18 – Chicago, IL @ Wishbone North
10/20 – Delano, MN @ Rieder Homestead Concerts
10/21 – Minneapolis, MN @ The Warming House
11/18 – Austin, TX @ New World Deli
11/20 – San Antonio, TX @ The Liberty Bar
12/05 – Nashville, TN @ The Bluebird Cafe
02/13-02/16 – Montreal, QC, Canada @ Folk Alliance Conference 2019
02/22 – West Stockbridge, MA @ House Concert
02/23 – New York, NY @ Rockwood Music Hall
02/24 – Washington, DC @ House Concert
03/07 – Decatur, GA @ Eddie’s Attic
03/08 – Athens, GA @ Hendershot’s
03/29 – Huntington Beach, CA @ House Concert
03/30 – San Diego, CA @ House Show
04/20 – Hayesville, NC @ Peacock Performing Arts Center
05/30 – Houston, TX @ Anderson Fair
06/01 – League City, TX @ Clear Creek Harbour Concerts
07/14 – Watchung, NJ @ Cozy Cabin Concerts