Mavis Staples Debuts New Song “Ain’t No Doubt About It”

Mavis Staples
Mavis Staples

Mavis Staples is premiering a brand new song care of culture site GARDEN AND GUN . Ain’t No Doubt About It,” is from Mavis’ highly anticipated new album If All I Was Was Black, which arrives in stores this November 17th.

Ain’t No Doubt About It” is a lilting and warmly poignant country soul track featuring vocals by Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy, who also serves as the album’s producer and songwriter. 

On the song, Mavis and Tweedy trade lines about the need for kindness in these trying times before joining together in an genuinely inspirational chorus that evokes the depth of the two musician’s longstanding friendship, “Ain’t no doubt about it, I’ll always be your friend. Ain’t no doubt about it, I can count on you till the end. “

If All I Was Was Black is Mavis Staples third collaboration with Jeff Tweedy. Their first, You Are Not Alone, won a Grammy, and their second, One True Vine, was a Grammy nominee, But this is the first time Tweedy has composed an entire album of original songs for Mavis‘ legendary voice and a nation she’s uniquely poised to address.

Mavis believes her collaboration with Tweedy brings out the best in them both, “Our comfort together, the sound and feel of family, fighting the same fight.  We want the same things for our country and for the world.  Tweedy is a genius – he’s passionate about his art and his poetry, he’s got no filter and will tell you just what he thinks.  He’s just upfront and real.  Whatever’s on his mind, he’ll drop it, and I appreciate that about him.” 

“She embodies all the best elements of gospel, soul, R&B and social commentary… Ms. Staples hasn’t lost a step.” – Vibe


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