D’Angelico Guitars Releases Bob Weir Signature Model

Bob Weir
Bob Weir

Since the formation of Dead & Company in 2015, Grateful Dead fans have reveled in the return of their musical heroes. Now, the most dedicated fans in the world have yet another reason to celebrate. After more than a year of research and collaborative design, D’Angelico Guitars has released the all-new Bob Weir Signature SS.

Celebrating the partnership between the legendary guitar company and world-renowned guitarist, the Bob Weir Signature SS is a single-cutaway, semi-hollow electric and comes in a custom Stone finish. To guarantee accessibility for every fan, it will be available at three different price points (including a hand-signed collector’s edition), all of which boast exceptional quality. “D’Angelico’s quality and craftsmanship are the stuff of legend,” says Weir. “Working with them on design ideas is a glorious opportunity.”

Through multiple rounds of research and design over the course of 2016, D’Angelico and Weir co-designed with innovation in mind. Featuring a gold Bigsby tremolo system, coil-tapping push/pull tone knobs, a master volume pot, and a full center block for feedback resistance, the Weir SS is fully-equipped to produce both the artist’s legendary sounds and allow players to craft their own voice.

“After a pretty full lifetime of playing music for people, a guy is just naturally going to have some ideas about how to improve his instrument,” says Weir. “History has shown us that as innovation creates and changes instruments, music changes with them. That’s what we hope we’re up to here.”

Linked here is the latest installment of D’Angelico’s “Showroom Sessions” video series, where Weir discusses the process of designing his new signature SS model, performs material from both “Blue Mountain” and the Grateful Dead catalogue, and tells a story about his old friend, Jerry.

The Premier Bob Weir Signature SS is available now at all local authorized D’Angelico dealers, as well as a limited run of 35 hand-signed Deluxe models.