Sammy Hagar New Greatest Hits Album “This is Sammy Hagar, Vol. 1” – Released November 18


This is Sammy Hagar Vol. 1 – When The Party Started,” a new compilation album showcasing 14 highlights from Sammy Hagar’s catalogue of hits will be released this Friday, November 18 via Mailboat Records.  The collection, which starts from his solo album post Van Halen, “Red Voodoo” in 1999 through to “Livin’ It Up” in 2006, also includes a new remix of “Sam I Am,” which will be the new theme song for season 2 of his acclaimed TV show, “Rock ‘n’ Roll Road Trip,” as well as two new Hagar-penned tracks, “No Worries” and “I Never Got To Say Goodbye.” The collection, released in time for the holidays, offers fans of the multi-platinum recording artist, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee and Grammy® winning singer and songwriter an introspective and always entertaining playlist which has been personally curated by The Red Rocker.

“With this collection, I wanted to revisit the music which would come to redefine my career post Van Halen,” explained Hagar. “It was the first time since I’d joined Montrose in 1972 that I was free from the weight of being in a superstar, high-pressure band and the commercial machine that came with it.  I was in a place of experimentation and discovery and that’s when the party started again for me.”

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The album will be available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon and from Hagar’s online store at  In addition, fans can score exclusive holiday album bundles from Sammy’s store, available (here). A limited number of lucky can score a holiday package that includes an autographed limited edition photograph (selected from his archives by Sammy), a copy of “This is Sammy Hagar Vol. 1 – When The Party Started,” and t-shirt.

Sammy Hagar has been writing, recording and performing some of the most enduring rock music of the last four decades.  As a successful solo artist and as the lead singer of bands Montrose, Van Halen, Chickenfoot and The Circle, he’s amassed 25 Platinum albums on sales surpassing 50 million worldwide.  Along his journey, the “Red Rocker” has earned the highest respect of the music industry with a Grammy Award and induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame alongside Van Halen.  Hagar has also become a dedicated philanthropist, a two-time New York Times best-selling author and a pioneering lifestyle entrepreneur.


Track listing – Discography


  1. STAND UP– Not For Sale (2002)
  2. SERIOUS JUJU – Ten 13 (2000)
  3. LITTLE BIT MORE – Ten 13 (2000)
  4. TEN 13– Ten 13 (2000)
  5. THE REAL DEAL – Ten 13 (2000)
  6. TROPIC OF CAPRICORN – Ten 13 (2000)
  7. MAUI WOWIE – Ten 13 (2000) – part of Tropic of Capricorn
  8. SHAG – (alternate outtake mix) Red Voodoo (1999)
  9. HALFWAY TO MEMPHIS – Not For Sale (2002), Livin’ It Up (2006), Lite Roast (2014)
  10. SAM I AM – Livin’ It Up (2006)
  11. LIVIN’ ON A COASTLINE – Livin’ It Up (2006)
  12. ONE SIP – Livin’ It Up (2006)