UK singer/songwriter Charlie Cunningham announces debut record

With a burgeoning fanbase, galvanized by a trio of EPs and his captivating online sessions, London-based songwriter Charlie Cunningham is set to release his debut album, Lines, on Dumont Dumont on January 27th
For the past two years, Cunningham’s career has been on a steady upward trajectory. He’s filled venues – at his headlining shows or alongside the likes of King Creosote, Beirut and Rodriguez.  His only UK show to date at St Giles-In-The-Field was a sell out and in February he’ll play the Union Chapel, his popularity reflected inSpotify plays in excess of 5.7 million.  
It was a move to Seville to hone his guitar technique that catalyzed Cunningham’s creativity.  Taking the percussive qualities of flamenco, he began to thread his melodies and lyrics together producing his first EP to critical acclaim. Cunningham’s playing was sharp enough to carve songs laden with delicate flourishes, intricate melodic turns, and moments of stark introspection, songs that are both expansive and intimate.
“The whole ability to write songs is probably in a lot more people than they think. A lot of people can probably do it; it’s just hard knowing how to start,” Cunningham admits. “I think what slowed me down was just over-thinking every possible thing. So now I know that if something feels right, to just trust that.”
In terms of Lines, that start was provided by “An Opening” the first track written for the album and something of a breakthrough in terms of setting the agenda and finding it’s producer. 
Recalls Cunningham: “It was intended to be a trial track to see if we’d – Duncan Tootill and I – ended up working together. After this, Duncan went on to do the whole album. It’s a subtle progression in style from my EPs, but also the most electronic my music has been to date. I feel like it really sets the tone for the rest of the record.”
Listen to “An Opening”:
The lyrically confident “Minimum” and vocally rhythmic “Answers” compliment new avenues scoped by the record’s production.  “Minimum,” says Cunningham, “went through more changes and versions than any song I have ever recorded. It’s a direct song, which is something I think I am always striving towards.”
A self-confessed perfectionist, Cunningham paid heed to his own advice when compiling the track list. “‘You Sigh’ almost didn’t make the record. It was relatively spontaneous to write so I think at first I felt it was kind of throwaway and initially dismissed it. I reckon I was put off by how easily it came together! But I grew to really like the melody, character and general simplicity of it. The song is about not being too hard on yourself, so I’m glad I took my own advice on that one.”
Cunningham wraps up 2016 with select dates around Europe before heading out with King Creosote in January and his own Highlands and Islands tour ahead of the Union Chapel show on February 23rd.
Lines track listing:
 1. An Opening
2. I Can Be
3. Born
4. Lines
5. Lights Off
6. Minimum
7. Answers
8. How Much
9. Breather
10. Molino
11. You Sigh
12. While You Are Young
International and UK tour dates:
04 Nov,  Netherlands, The Hague, Crossing Border Festival  
05 Nov, Germany, Lubeck, Rolling Stone Weekender
16 Jan, UK, Manchester, RNCM Concert Hall w/ King Creosote
17 Jan, UK Norwich, Open  w/ King Creosote
18 Jan, UK, Cambridge Corn Exchange w/ King Creosote
27 Jan, UK, Glasgow, Old Fruitmarket w/ King Creosote
Headlining dates:  
7 Feb, UK, Edinburgh, Sneaky Pete’s
8 Feb, UK Aviemore, Old Bridge Inn
9 Feb, UK, Ullapool, The Arch Inn
10 Feb, UK, Stornoway, The Woodlands Centre
11 Feb, UK, Inverness, Tooth & Claw
12 Feb, UK, UK, Elgin, The Drouthy Cobbler
13 Feb, UK, Aberdeen, Aberdeen Tunnels
23 Feb, UK, London, Union Chapel – 
22 Mar, France, Paris, Trois Baudets,
24 Mar, Germany, Neustadt am Rübenberge, Schloss Landestrost
25 Mar, Germany, Konzerthaus Dortmund
26 Mar, Germany, Hamburg,  Kampnagel
27 Mar, Germany, Berlin, Kammermusiksaal Philharmonie
29 Mar, Germany, Münster, Jugendkirche Effata
30 Mar, Germany, Cologne, Kulturkirche 
1 Apr, Germany, Frankfurt,
2 Apr, Germany, Mannheim, Atlantis
3 Apr, Germany, Munich, Carl-Orff-Saal
5 Apr, Austria, Vienna, Chelsea
6 Apr, Austria, Salzburg, Rockhouse Bar
8 Apr, Switzerland, Zurich, Papiersaal
9 Apr, Germany, Stuttgart, Theatrehaus
11 Apr, Belgium, Brussels, Botanique Witlof Bar
12 Apr, Netherlands, Amsterdam, Paradiso
Tickets on sale now: