Amanda Palmer announces solo tour dates

Amanda “Fucking” Palmer has announced a series of eagerly awaited solo concerts. “An Evening With Amanda Palmer” will hit five select North American cities beginning November 9th at Albany, NY’s Egg Center For The Performing Arts and then continuing through the month. Tickets for all dates are on sale tomorrow September 9, 2016. For complete details, please visit A few hundred tickets for each show were available to Palmer’s patrons through, where she is currently supported by over 8,000 patrons who are funding her creations for an average of a few dollars per project.
“I’ve spent the last few years blurring my own self-definition, artistic and physical”, Palmer says, “I’ve become speaker-shaped, and author-shaped, then mother-shaped. I feel like people have forgotten that behind everything – the Kickstarter, the TED Talk, the book, the feminism, the infinite side-projects – I am fundamentally a songwriter who performs her own songs on a stage. That’s the source. Sometimes I even forget. It’s time to get back on stage and remind myself and everybody else that without the music, there’s nothing. It drives me crazy when people have read my book three times cover to cover but don’t bother to look up the music of The Dresden Dolls or dig into my songwriting catalog….it’s time to fix that.”
“An Evening With Amanda Palmer” marks Palmer’s first proper North American concert tour since giving birth to a baby made in collaboration with Neil Gaiman: little Anthony David Karl Gaiman, now 12 months old. Palmer is also set to visit the UK and Europe next month for a long awaited series of sold-out shows in Brighton, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Vienna, Berlin, and Köln; she has also announced that an Australian tour is in the works for January and February.
“After I wandered away from the safety of The Dresden Dolls in 2007, I was terrified to hit the road totally solo and I always brought a circus of friends with me, whether it was a back-up band, or a bunch of strings players, or a posse of Australian butoh-based performance artists…the van was never empty. This time it’s just me, a piano, and a microphone. I’ll delve into my entire catalog and play whatever I feel like playing, and I’m hoping the upcoming tour also inspires me to finish some of the songs that have been craving attention since the baby was born. Sometimes you just need a really concrete reason – like a tour – to nail your ass to the songwriting chair. The new material I’ve been working on is surprisingly dark given how deliriously happy I’ve been as a new mother, but what else would you expect – the demons have to escape somehow to clear the way for joy.”
10 – Albany, NY – The Egg Center for the Performing Arts
11 – Toronto, ON – Queen Elizabeth Theater
13 – Chicago, IL – Thalia Hall
15 – Minneapolis, MN  – Woman’s Club
17 – Boulder, CO – Boulder Theater
“An Evening With Amanda Palmer” follows Palmer’s recent reunion with drummer Brian Viglione as the one and only Dresden Dolls. The legendary punk cabaret pioneers finished the summer with the biggest live shows of their influential career, rocking 5,000-capacity amphitheaters in Boston and Brooklyn. The latter event was livestreamed around the world from the new Ford Amphitheater at Coney Island Boardwalk and can be viewed now via “It was sublime…the world has not seen the last of the Dresden Dolls,” says Palmer.