Nahko And Medicine For The People Release New Track "Wash It Away"


Nahko and Medicine For The People have released a new track today titled “Wash It Away.” Listen to the nine-and-a-half minute song here:

Nahko and Medicine For The People – “Wash It Away”

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“Wash It Away” was recorded and produced by Mario “Mario C,” Caldato, Jr., best known for his work with the Beastie Boys (Paul’s Boutique, Check Your Head, Ill Communication and Hello Nasty). Mario has also worked with Beck, Jack Johnson, Zee Avi, Seu Jorge, Sergio Mendes, Diplo, Money Mark, Moby, John Lee Hooker, Donavon Frankenreiter, G. Love, Blackalicious, Scapegoat Wax, Ozomatli, Mix Master Mike, Los Lobos, Blur, Butthole Surfers, Yoko Ono, The Cult and Björk, to name a few.

Mario says of “Wash It Away,” “I think Nahko is a super positive human being and he has a very special way of sharing his life, through his music and stories. I was moved by his pure and raw emotion and feeling, whenever he plays or performs, we tried to capture this in the studio, this is our first attempted, hope you enjoy.”

Musing on the song, Nahko shared his thoughts: “Some time has passed since we released any new music. Many stories have been written and unfolded during this period of growth and movement, which is why it felt so appropriate to record and release our new single, “Wash It Away.”

“Wash It Away” is the story of movement unfolding in a humbled way.  The song tells the story of my first tour in Australia, a time of exponential growth for the band and myself as a storyteller. The root of this song takes us into prayer with a grandmother, the ashes, and Mother Earth. The concept has a lot to do with meeting Xavier Rudd, his influence over the past few years, and specifically the poetry in this song marking the brotherhood and student/teacher relationship that I was seeking. Asking for strength in a time of great unrest and to wash away the ancestral pain and suffering we carry is such an important prayer and story to share with our Tribe right now because we are all in such deep need of guidance.  With chaos all around us, a song that can remind us of the need for prayer and soul food in our bellies is imminent.  The song also touches on land rights, ceremony, and my connection to that red earth, all while bringing it back to rejoicing in the beauty of the human condition.  The song is long, but the story is ancient and ever evolving.

I was a little worried about its length, but I know our fans and Tribe understand the poetry in the work and realize that a song can’t be finished until the story itself is done living. Therefore, let me take you on a journey.  Become the young eagle going through a rite of passage; become the servant, bowing to the ashes and humbling yourself before the great mother; live in the beauty of being human, paying close attention to your dreams, and waking into the life of a guardian and gatekeeper.”

Written by Nahko
Produced, engineered and mixed by Mario Caldato Jr. at MCJ Studio LA
Mastered by Robert Carranza at RC Mastering
Piano, Guitar, Vocals: Nahko
Guitar and Vocals: Chase O’Friel
Bass and Vocals: Dustin Thomas
Drums and Vocals: Justin Chittams
Guest Vocals: Leah Song
Violin and Viola written and performed by:         Miguel Atwood-Ferguson
Cello:         Gabe Noel
Percussion: Danny Frankel
Art By: Allison Kunath