Soul Rock Artist Joe Marson Releases New Single "Here With Me"



Joe Marson
Joe Marson

Soul-rock artist Joe Marson announces the release of his new single “Here With Me” off his new EP Electric Soul Magic, out now. The alt-rock, gospel-influenced track showcases Marson’s raspy vocals accompanied by a chorus of back up singers, driving piano, guitar and drum beats. Marson has earned accolades from The Los Angeles Examiner, who said, “Combining clever turns of phrase and hard earned wisdom with crisp melodies and lyrical guitar playing, the multi-talented 26 year old New York-based performer spins a colorful tale about his solo musical journey.”

Marson released his debut album Post Cards From Siren City in 2011, followed by the release of his second album Someday Soon in 2012. He composed three albums in four years while traveling the nation over the course of six years. “He takes an amazing range of influences with the stuff that he does. He’s got an amazing voice and I think you’ll love his songs as well,” Matt Pinfield the host of MTV’s 120 Minutes praises.

Marson has been featured on Popdose, Magnet Magazine, Best New Bands and more. Keep an eye out for his upcoming NYC shows at The Bitter End, October 21st, and his CMJ showcase at Starbucks,October 22nd, as well as his new single “Here With Me” off his latest album Electric Soul Magic, out now. Stay tuned for more from Joe Marson!