Del McCoury and Tim O'Brien Talk About Hot Rize


In a new interview, Del McCoury says Hot Rize was “the top band in the country” in their heyday while talking with Hot Rize’s Tim O’Brien. The two bluegrass legends talk about how Hot Rize reinvented bluegrass in the ’80s before breaking up. 

After 24 years away, Hot Rize returns this fall with a new album, ‘When I’m Free’ (out 9/30), before embarking on the biggest tour since their heyday. Watch the music video for the single “Blue Is Fallin'” at CMT:

In addition to McCoury, Hot Rize has won loyal fans in everyone from Steve Martin, who hails them as “the great modern bluegrass band,” to Garrison Keillor, who refers to them as “the Lamborghini of bluegrass.” Numerous jam bands also cite them as heroes (Phish’s Mike Gordon calls them “my favorite band”) with country star Dierks Bentley calling them “one of the greatest bands in any genre of music.”