Grammy Award-winning musician Victor Wooten announces spring/summer tour 2014 kicking off at Summer Camp Fest on May 23rd


Five-time Grammy Award®-winning musician, author and music educator, VICTOR WOOTEN, best known for his work on bass guitar with Béla Fleck and the Flecktones, Stanley Clarke, Dave Matthews and for his book The Music Lesson:  A Spritual Search For Growth Through Music, will bring his captivating band to your city!

The touring ensemble includes Wooten on electric, tenor and upright basses, cello, and vocals; Krystal Peterson on vocals; Regi Wooton on guitars and vocals; Derico Watson on vocals and drums; and Karlton Taylor on keyboards.

While Wooten is most recognized for his contributions as a founding member of Béla Fleck and the Flecktones, his heralded solo efforts, collaborations with folks such as Stanley Clarke, Bruce Hornsby, India Arie, and Dave Matthews, and incessant international touring have led him to be regarded as one of the greatest bass players in the world today, revered by his fans and his peers alike for his uncanny skills on bass.  Wooten has been featured on the cover on Bass Player Magazine four times and in 2011 was included in “The Top 10 Greatest Bass Players of All Time” in Rolling Stone Magazine’s  Readers’ Poll along with John Entwistle, Flea, Paul McCartney, and Geddy Lee!

In September of 2012, Wooten released two albums simultaneously: Words and Tones, a collection of 14 tracks featuring female vocalists, including Peterson, and Sword and Stone, an instrumental CD that showcases the different sides of Wooten’s approach to music, performance and songwriting. On both CDs, Wooten contributes a variety of fretless and acoustic bass guitars, cello, keyboards, percussion, string arrangements, and vocals, highlighted by searing bass solos that will boggle the mind and definitely satisfy those that thrive on Wooten’s musical as well as technical skills.

Praise for Victor Wooten live:
“Wooten’s set was made even more astonishing by its diversity….with members of Wooten’s group frequently shifting instruments.  Wooten wildly swung his instruments around his neck and shoulder, and his playing was just as astonishing, with his fingers flying on the frets, his hand picking and slapping.  His playing not only was something to behold aurally, but visually.” The Morning Call, Allentown, PA

“This man, along with his band, were some of the most talented musicians I have witnessed. Perhaps playing with Bela Fleck and the Flecktones had something to do with his decision to seek out those who shared his musical intellect. Borrowing Shania Twain’s drummer, numerous heads of prestigious music schools, and a phenomenal singer in Krystal Peterson, Victor would have his way. Wooten’s music was high-spirited, catchy, relatable, and touching. “ Jonk Music Review, Madison, WI

“At one point during an extended solo (solo doesn’t exactly do it justice, though … how about epic-low-end-can-do-no-wrong-jaw-dropper?) delivered from Victor Wooten during the beginning of his first set Monday night, I asked myself, ‘Can I handle this much awesome tonight?’” Salt Lake City Weekly


Full tour schedule:
Fri, May 23—Summer Camp—Chicothe, IL
Sat, May 24—Jazz Kitchen—Indianapolis, IN
Sun, May 25—Evanston Space—Evanston, IL
Mon, May 26—Dakota Jazz Club—Minneapolis, MN
Tues, May 27—Dakota Jazz Club—Minneapolis, MN
Wed, May 28—Majestic Theatre—Madison, WI
Thurs, May 29—Waiting Room—Omaha, NE
Fri, May 30—Boulder Theater—Boulder, CO
Sat, May 31—Gothic Theatre—Englewood, CO
Sun, June 1—State Room—Salt Lake City, UT
Tues, June 3—Neptune Theatre—Seattle, WA
Wed, June 4—Aladdin Theater—Portland, OR
Thurs, June 5—Yoshi’s—Oakland, CA
Fri, June 6—Yoshi’s SF—San Francisco, CA
Sat, June 7—Moe’s Alley—Santa Cruz, CA
Sun, June 8—El Rey Theater—Los Angeles, CA
Mon, June 9—Crescent Ballroom—Phoenix, AZ


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