Bonnaroo Rock & Soul Superjam Offers Second Video


Episode 2 is another behind the scenes, backstage look at the most surprising and impressive concert of the year.

This episode is an intimate look at Howard (the youngest Superjam performer to date) and the superstar band digging deep to exceed sky-high expectations and hype on the 2013 Superjam, a show that has become an unpredictable, yearly live concert knockout.

The results are phenomenal and the song was performed as an encore at2:15am to a packed stage of tens of thousands of elated Bonnaroo fans who had just been treated to other shocking appearances by R. Kelly and Billy Idol singing classic covers!

The historic concert features Jim James (My Morning Jacket), Brittany Howard (Alabama Shakes) John Oates (Hall & Oates), Larry Graham (Sly and the Family Stone, Prince, Graham Central Station, Prince), Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Zigaboo Modeliste (The Meters, Keith Richards’ New Barbarians)

Special guests were R. Kelly and Billy Idol, who will appear in future episodes

The full series will include 8 episodes

“Rock & Soul SuperJam” Episode 1 featured Jim James’ supercharged take on John Lennon’s ‘Instant Karma’

Episode 3 will feature a historic take on Curtis Mayfield’s classic anthem “Move On Up”!!