Bombadil Returns To The Road After A 3 Year Hiatus – New Album, Metrics of Affection, Due Out July 23


Bombadil, the North Carolina-based band whose music one reviewer called “obtuse but melodic indie folk pop with a flair for the fantastic,” is heading out on the second leg of their first full-on tour in three years.   The dates are part of Bombadil’s 2013 touring schedule that will support the band’s new album Metrics of Affection, set for a July 23 release (Ramseur Records).

“The Kinks and the Beatles would be a good touchstone for us,” James Philips told one journalist about the band’s influences.  “But when people ask us about what our band sounds like, you’re not really allowed to say ‘the Beatles.'”

Bombadil – James Philips (drums), Stuart Robinson (piano, ukulele) and Daniel Michalak (bass, piano, harmonica) – have been sidelined for much of the past three years due to a debilitating nerve injury sustained by Michalak that affected the use of his hands.  In 2009, Bombadil was gaining quite a bit of traction with the scheduled release of Tarpits and Canyonlands (“the album that should have made them famous,” said one journalist), a quirky and dynamic live show, and slots on Bonnaroo, FloydFest, Shakori Hills, Pickathon and other festivals.  But all that dissipated when Michalak’s condition deteriorated to the point where he was unable to feed himself, much less play 200 shows a year.  By the time Tarpits and Canyonlands was released, Bombadil was already off the road and unable to tour.

Michalak spent the last couple of years searching for a cure, trying everything from acupuncture to orthopedists to neurologists to Rolfing, and his hands have improved to the point where he’s able to tour again.  Bombadil, the band named after an obscure character in the Tolkien universe, whose music tells tales of loneliness, heartache, awkwardness, puppy love, suicide and murder-by-drowning, is back.

With more dates being added daily, the confirmed Bombadil itinerary is as follows:

Bombadil dates:


4   Fun Fourth Festival, Greensboro, NC

6   34th Festival for the Eno, Durham, NC

14   Mike Dianna’s Grill Room, Corolla, NC

18   Clementine Cafe, Harrisburg, VA

19   The Fire, Philadelphia, PA (with Samantha Crain)

20   Destination Moon Music Festival,Chatham, NY  (4PM set time)

20   Iron Horse, Northampton, MA  (with Samantha Crain)

21 T.T. The Bear’s Place, Cambridge, MA  (with Samantha Crain)

23   Mercury Lounge, New York, NY  (with Samantha Crain)

24   Rams Head On Stage, Annapolis, MD  (with Samantha Crain)

25   Sixth & I, Washington, D.C.  (with Samantha Crain)

26   The Camel, Richmond, VA

27   Lincoln Theatre, Raleigh, NC  (with Plume Giant)