2CELLOS Release New Music Video for "Supermassive Black Hole"


Croatian cellists Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser, known as 2CELLOS are back with a new music video and a brand new album.

The galactic themed music video for their second single is a flirtatious and “come-hither” version of Muse’s hit “Supermassive Black Hole” featuring Glee’s Naya Rivera on vocals as you’ve never seen nor heard her before.

E! News teased the music video this week and now Gleeks and 2CELLOS fanatics alike can catch the full length music video when it premieres TODAY on Vevo.  Check out the stream below!

“We love Naya’s sexy voice – it’s perfect for this song!” says Stjepan. “We recreated Muse’s amazing guitar riff on the cello and by using different sound effects, we gave this traditionally classical instrument a more contemporary, rock sound.”

“We became friends with Naya last year on the set of Glee and this is a perfect follow up to our appearance on the Michael Jackson tribute episode,” says Luka.

The new album, entitled IN2ITION (pronounced Intuition) is produced by the legendary Bob Ezrin, and is set for release on January 15, 2013 through Sony MASTERWORKS and is currently available for preorder at Amazon and iTunes.


The label released 2CELLOS’ self-titled debut album last year, establishing Sulic and Hauser as an innovative classical-pop/rock duo who took their classical instrument to the contemporary repertoire.

On IN2ITION, 2CELLOS take their original concept even further by including guest artists like Elton John, guitarist Steve Vai, Glee’s Naya Rivera, classical superstar Lang Lang, legendary Italian  vocalist Zucchero and pop artist Sky Ferreira. IN2ITION was recorded in Zagreb, Rome, Nashville, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

“Both Luka and I love classical music and have studied it since childhood,” notes Hauser. “But we are really excited to put our own take on some of our favorite pop and rock songs.”

In addition to “Supermassive Black Hole” the new 2CELLOS album offers a fresh and unique twist on classics such asFleetwood Mac (“Oh, Well” feat. Elton John), The Prodigy (“Voodoo People”), Coldplay (“Clocks” feat. Lang Lang)Rihanna (“We Found Love”), AC/DC (“Highway To Hell” feat. Steve Vai), Cher and Nancy Sinatra (“Bang Bang” feat. Sky Ferreira), The Police (“Every Breath You Take”) and Elton John (“Candle In The Wind”).

“Elton suggested that we cover ‘Oh Well’ because he thought it would be perfect for the cello. We said we’d do it if he sang on it and he agreed!” says Stjepan. “It’s a fairly unknown Fleetwood Mac song and Elton’s voice sounds amazing on the track.”

IN2ITION also features 2CELLOS original track aptly named “Orient Express”. The Orient Express was a legendary train from Paris to Istanbul that passed through the Balkans, including Croatia.“ We drew our inspiration for the melodies from our Balkan roots and the continual persistent rhythm of the track resembles a train, hence the title” says Luka.

“We’re extremely happy to have collaborated with such great guest artists and we believe that this is just the beginning. We’ve practiced all our lives, and in this project we’ve succeeded in extending the possibilities of the cello and bringing it to a wider audience.” say the 2CELLOS.



1.       Oh, Well    (feat. Elton John)
2.       We Found Love
3.       Highway to Hell    (feat. Steve Vai)
4.       Every Breath You Take
5.       Supermassive Black Hole   (feat. Naya Rivera)
6.       Technical Difficulties
7.       Clocks    (feat. Lang Lang)
8.       Bang Bang    (feat. Sky Ferreira)
9.       Voodoo People
10.   Candle in the Wind
11.   Orient Express
12.   Il Libro Dell ‘Amore    (feat. Zucchero)
13.   Benedictus


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