Announcing the Creation of Well Dunn


Well Dunn has opened its doors. The mission of Well Dunn is to support the ambitions of inspired young professionals by providing internships to volunteers exhibiting exceptional talent and drive, but lack the necessary resources to receive the education an internship provides.

Well Dunn was founded in honor of Emily Dunn, a young professional in the entertainment industry who exemplified the ethos of leadership: passion, integrity, confidence, deep engagement and a driving work ethic. Emily worked as a volunteer and then intern in the production and operation side of the entertainment business. She was killed in a bus accident in San Francisco in August 2011. She was 23. Dunn was raised in Atlanta, GA, and went to college at Washington University in St. Louis, MO.  She began working as a volunteer just after high school and started working at Bonnaroo, among many other events, in 2005, while still in college. By the time of her death, she was a full-time staffer, with Bonnaroo Co-Producer, Superfly Presents.

“Emily brought a tremendous amount of energy and creativity to her work at the festival every year and she became a good friend to so many,” said Superfly’s Rick Farman. “We want to help people who are like Emily, who started as a volunteer, but might not have the resources or access to the opportunities that she did.”

Well Dunn’s focus is to reward those people who show themselves to be exceptional volunteers with internship opportunities. Internships will be awarded based on a competitive process that includes on-site job evaluations by industry experts, recommendations, and an interview process. Initial screening will be executed by Well Dunn’s board of directors made up of a group of entertainment industry veterans and representatives of Emily’s family and friends.

Top industry companies will provide substantial training and supervision to Well Dunn interns. Several that have already reserved internship positions for Well Dunn-chosen participants include: A.C. Entertainment, Big Hassle Media, CID Entertainment, Cloud 9 Adventures, JamBase, Life is good, Red Light Management, Relix, Suite Treatments and Superfly Presents. Bonnaroo organizers will donate a percentage of their guest charity donation fee to Well Dunn. Funds raised by Well Dunn will be used in part to provide stipends as a contribution towards living and other expenses incurred during the internship program. Well Dunn welcomes other community partners willing to provide on-the-job training and supervision to its interns.


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