Laura Reed returns with music video "Faith Not Fear"


This time last year, Laura Reed lost a lot. She sent an email that changed her career as she knew it. Her love relationship came to an end. She moved to Nashville, Tennessee unsure of what was in store for her. Then one day, while having a conversation with a close friend, former music executive and Grammy-winning music producer, Paul Worley, the pieces of her broken life started to come together. While sitting one evening at a grand piano, Laura had her own epiphany. What in hindsight, seemed like a disarray of baggage were actually the seeds that helped her to conceive the first single off of her upcoming album, The Awakening.

Faith Not Fear is a vocal offering with a vibrant message about overcoming the test and trials that all of humanity faces, but sometimes needs the encouragement to overcome. A song that Laura defines as “a kind of marching band anthem with a beat box tempo”, was co-written and produced by the two-time Grammy-award winning songwriter/producer SHANNON SANDERS (India.Arie/John Legend/Pink).  Shannon is also the producer for her upcoming LP.

The video, Directed/Edited by Alexander King of Synchronicity Media & Produced by
Ryan Hamblin of Brainstem Media, symbolically represents Laura’s journey. “Even shooting the video itself was a ‘Faith Not Fear‘ experience for me,” says Laura. “Especially being that it’s the first music video that I’ve ever done.”

From Laura’s stroll through a wooded path to her unscripted walk in some of Nashville‘s signature neighborhoods, this artist displays an uncanny strength and confidence, all the while ignoring the unwritten boundaries between contrasting social and economic environments. For Laura Reed, it is the perfect framework for her inspirational message—one that is more than a song; it’s her testimony.

“What my own life lessons have taught me is that faith is an action word,” says Laura. “It moves you forward knowing that everything works out just as it’s supposed to. We all experience fear; however, we’re all capable of overcoming it.”

This South African-born singer/songwriter,  performed globally as the front person for the now defunct Laura Reed and Deep Pocket . As an artist that has been captivating audiences for many years with  her “slow-cooked soul music recipe”, Laura Reed’s sound and style is reminiscent of iconic music trendsetters like Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill and the late Amy Winehouse. Since the age of 16, Laura’s music has been seasoned by influences from her background work and global travels (15 countries and three languages thus far); her delivery has hints of Samba, Reggae and African beats. Laura’s musical resume is impressive,  filled with a wide range of artists and genres including George Clinton, Ike Stubblefield, Jewel, and Karl Denson.

“Laura has a rare combination of gifts-musical and spiritual,” states Sanders. “She reminds me that real music and real people still exist.”

“I don’t really have words to express how much I love Laura’s music,” says Worley. “It’s real, it’s authentic, it’s what the world needs.”