Leftover Salmon Returns After 8-Year Recording Hiatus


After a recording hiatus, Colorado slam-grass pioneers, Leftover Salmon, return with their new album ‘Aquatic Hitchhiker’ (May 22, LoS Records.) This is the band’s first album in eight years and the first to debut all original compositions.

“One of the magical things about Leftover Salmon is there’s a lot of symbiosis,” says founding member Vince Herman. “It’s been really exciting to get back to the studio and bounce off of each other’s ideas.”

Banjo prodigy Andy Thorn is the most recent addition to the line up, and, at 29, he’s also the youngest. “He brought a lot of energy and excitement into the studio and you can hear it on the title track.”

Written by Thorn, “Aquatic Hitchhiker” starts off as a slow burn and then explodes into a freewheeling instrumental romp showcasing the band’s technical mastery in bluegrass, country, roots, classical, jazz and more. “In less than four minutes it encapsulates what the band’s career has been all about.”

The song “Liza” is Leftover Salmon’s take on bluegrass with a calypso twist, and “Gulf Of Mexico” is a bluesy groove about the BP oil spill: Things are a little different ’round here these days / Since the storm and the spill drove all the people away. “We still like songs that say something about what’s going on in the world real time, and songs that get people to move,” explained Vince.

Listen to “Liza” here: http://bit.ly/GV9HXf
Listen to “Gulf Of Mexico” here: http://bit.ly/GSqbAg

Today, Leftover Salmon is: Vince Herman (vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, mandolin); Drew Emmitt (vocals, mandolin, acoustic and electric guitars, mandola, fiddle); Andy Thorn (vocals acoustic and electric banjo, National guitar); Greg Garrison (vocals, acoustic and electric bass, acoustic guitar); Jose Martinez (drums, percussion, and cardboard box.)