Ryan Monroe Of Band Of Horses To Release Debut Solo Album, A Painting Of A Painting On Fire On May 22nd


Ryan Monroe, multi-instrumentalist for Band Of  Horses, is excited to announce the release of his debut album A PAINTING OF A PAINTING ON FIRE. Set for a May 22nd release, this collection of songs was written over the last few years, in-between tours and during various musical ventures. What started off as over 100 songs and ideas was eventually whittled down to an 11-song album that showcases Ryan’s talent as both a musician and songwriter for pop-oriented progressive rock.

Recorded at Redstar Studios in Silver Lake CA with Grammy award-winning producer Chris Testa, Ryan plays every instrument on this cohesive album that seamlessly flows from elaborate pop rockers to complex but melodic ballads. 
With an opportunity to play every note on the record and having access to the studios large collection of instruments, Ryan was able to explore every idea. “I’ve had multiple parts for different instruments brewing in my head for quite some time, and because the studio had so many toys, I started messing with vibes and strange synths to get them out. To just walk over to any instrument and start kind of painting the track with it was extremely fun and therapeutic. There were over 120 different instrument tracks on some of the tunes” laughs Ryan.

What gives A PAINTING OF A PAINTING ON FIRE its character is how Ryan fearlessly explores musical territories / influences – country, art-rock, pop, classical and prog – often in the course of one song. The end result is an accessible and colorful listen for fans.