Neal Casal To Release Sweeten The Distance April 10


Revered singer, songwriter and guitarist Neal Casal, recently hailed for his contributions as a member of both Ryan Adams & The Cardinals and the Chris Robinson Brotherhood, will release his tenth studio album Sweeten The Distance on April 10 via The Royal Potato Family.

The first line of the title track says much about where the storied musician finds himself in his career: “Nothing’s gonna stop you now, everything you want is coming in good time.” After 20 plus years of writing songs, recording albums and touring the world, there’s a confidence and patience present in Neal Casal’s latest work that reveals an artist in full creative flight.Produced by Thom Monahan (Fruit Bats, Devendra Banhart, Vetiver), Sweeten The Distance is a defining moment in his discography. Rich acoustic textures and sophisticated melodies found in songs like “Bird With No Name,” “Need Shelter” and “Gyrls of Wynter” give way to the psych folk ambiance of“White Fence Round House” “Feathers for Bakersfield” and “How Quiet It Got.” The depth of the production, with its meticulously layered sounds and oceanic atmospherics, makes Sweeten The Distance as much a multi-dimensional headphone experience as a soul-stirring modern songwriter record. And as such, the Ventura-based artist plants his flag in the New Cosmic California movement.

Neal Casal first made a name for himself with a series of highly praised solo albums, beginning in 1995 with Fade Away Diamond Time and followed by recordings like Basement Dreams, No Wish To Reminisce and the retrospective collection Leaving Traces. In 2006, he joined Ryan Adams & The Cardinals with whom he recorded four albums: Easy Tiger (which reached #7 on the Billboard chart), Follow the Lights, Cardinology and III/IV. Currently, he serves as a central component of the Chris Robinson Brotherhood. The band toured throughout 2011 and is working on their debut studio recording. Over the last year, Casal has also added guitar and vocals toRyan Adams Ashes & FireFruit Bats TripperThe Jayhawks Mockingbird TimeVetiver The Errant Charm and a forthcoming recording by Beachwood Sparks.


1. Sweeten The Distance
2. Bird With No Name
3. Need Shelter
4. Let It All Begin
5. White Fence Round House
6. So Many Enemies
7. Feathers For Bakersfield
8. Time & Trouble
9. How Quiet It Got
10. The Gyrls of Wynter
11. Angel and You’re Mine