The Minnie Pearl Cancer Foundation Announces Year of Celebration for 2012


Nashville, Tenn. – January 30, 2012 – The Minnie Pearl Cancer Foundation (MPCF), a national nonprofit organization offering FREE and compassionate support, education and one-on-one guidance to adults facing cancer, has much to celebrate in 2012. In addition to celebrating 25 years of service, the MPCF is celebrating what would have been Minnie Pearl’s 100th birthday. In honor of these milestones MPCF announced today the launch of its “Minnie Moments” campaign.

The “Minnie Moments” campaign will feature stories from the clients, survivors and caregivers who have used MPCF’s services, as well as memories from celebrities and fans of Minnie Pearl. All are invited to share their “moment” at MPCF will be collecting “Minnie Moments” throughout 2012 and sharing them in newsletters, on Facebook and Twitter and at

MPCF recently sat down with U.S. State Senator of Tennessee, Lamar Alexander, to capture his “Minnie Moment.” “Minnie was always nice…She shook the last hand, she signed the last autograph, she always said something nice to the newest person on the Opry,” recalled the U.S. Senator. “She said to me one time, ‘I’ve gotten to the point in life where I don’t think people are so hot no matter how big they are if they’re not nice.’”

In addition to stories from celebrities and fans about Minnie Pearl as a performer, MPCF is capturing stories from those who know best the organization’s unique and compassionate guidance.

“Being diagnosed with cancer pushes both patients and those who care for them into a frightening place,” says Susan Earl Hosbach, Executive Director of MPCF. “MPCF is there to help them navigate their cancer journey with answers, advice and support. Minnie Pearl’s generosity and caring spirit continue to impact so many through her legacy, The Minnie Pearl Cancer Foundation…that is what we celebrate by sharing these stories.”

With a reach well beyond Nashville, MPCF served thousands of patients in 2011, from 29 states, 3 Canadian provinces and South Africa. Showing continued evidence for the organization’s priceless role in the cancer continuum, MPCF is currently planning a year of celebration with several events throughout the year. For more information visit and stay tuned for details about this year’s celebration.

The Minnie Pearl Cancer Foundation also enjoys the support of the Sarah Cannon Research Institute (SCRI), who will be sponsoring the year-long 2012 Celebration.

About The Minnie Pearl Cancer Foundation (MPCF):
Celebrating 25 years in 2012, The Minnie Pearl Cancer Foundation was formed in 1987. After Sarah Cannon, also known as comedienne “Minnie Pearl”, was successfully treated for breast cancer, she became a passionate supporter in the fight against cancer and in 1992 offered her stage name to the Foundation. The Minnie Pearl Cancer Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit public charity, offers:

  • Decision support regarding clinical trials, treatment information, and options
  • Personalized guidance and support to complement and navigate cancer care
  • Nutrition and side effect management consultations
  • Comprehensive educational and informational materials
  • Inspirational and educational online videos and forum

The services, which are FREE of charge regardless of treatment facility, complement cancer treatment by assisting people in navigating their way through a cancer diagnosis and positively influencing their quality of life. The MPCF is an active organization whose guiding principles honor Minnie Pearl’s generosity and caring spirit.

In addition to celebrating 25 years in 2012, the MPCF celebrates what would have been Minnie Pearl’s 100th birthday. For more information on Minnie’s legacy, the MPCF, and the latest news on MPCF’s year of celebration, please visit