The Dunwells "I Could Be A King" Video Supports Band's First Single and Debut CD out 2/14


LOS ANGELES, CA – (Thursday, January 12, 2012) — A just-released montage video for the single “I Could Be a King” from up-and-coming British band The Dunwells, commemorates the people and events that changed the course of our history, from Martin Luther King to Ghandi to Einstein to Steve Jobs.  The clip also pays tribute to the 1960s Civil Rights Movement, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the courage of the anonymous man who faced down a row of tanks at Tiananmen Square, Woodstock and Live Aid, the first air flight at Kitty Hawk, the Women’s Suffrage Movement of the 1920s, man’s first steps on the moon and the Space Program, and toppling the statue of Saddam Hussein.  As Winston Churchill said, “This was our finest hour.”

The lyrics for “I Could Be A King” empower the listener to challenge himself to dream, to make his dreams a reality, and maybe just change the world.  “I could be a king/I could be anything I want/I could be a super hero, staring down the barrel of a gun…”

“On a trip from London, we were talking about protests in and around England and the U.S. and how the common working man seems to be really struggling,” said The Dunwells’ Joseph Dunwell.  “That led us to a montage concept for ‘I Could Be A King,’ wanting to magnify how a simple idea can generate a massive change and how one steadfast person can inspire the world. An every day person can be heroic.”

The video was produced by Danger Films in Austin, TX, and directed by Jeremi Mattern.

“I Could Be A King” is the first single from The Dunwells’ debut album, Blind Sighted Faith, due out February 14, 2012 (Playing In Traffic/ SONY/Red).  The album was produced by nine-time Grammy winner John Porter (The Smiths, Ryan Adams, Elvis Costello) and recorded at Willie Nelson’s Pedernales Studio in Austin, TX.

In support of Blind Sighted Faith and “I Could Be A King,” The Dunwells will launch their first tour of America next month, dates will be announced shortly.