Phish Super Ball IV – The Bunny is Back!!


The Bunny is back and will be broadcast on SIRIUS XM’s Jam_On channel. The Bunny (and Sirius XM) will be broadcasting not just Phish sets, but the full mix of eclectic music, festival reports, archival Phish audio and much much more. In addition, for those driving in to the festival without satellite radio, The Bunny will be rocking it old school on WRCE 1490 AM as well.

The Bunny will begin broadcasting on WRCE at 8 AM on Thursday, June 30 through 8 AM on Monday, July 4. Sirius XM will join us at Thursday at 3 PM and broadcast all the way through Monday morning. And now a note from the Bunny’s chief announcer, Mr. Tad Cautious:

Everyone here at Bunny central are exceptionally, embarrassingly psyched for this year’s radio station. Imagine the Blues Brothers meets The Seven Samurai with a dash of Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants and you might get a whiff of our panache.

Thanks to the digital wizardry of DJ Rickshaw, we have been an increasingly “interactive” Bunny in recent festivals — and before your minds stray too far into how bunnies “interact”, please know that we mean computers (and sex). More than ever, we are equipped with the Twittlers, the Facesbooks, and the online websites. But this year we want to take it to a new level with our listeners.

For Superbollocks (phonetically speaking), we want YOU to submit your own homemade station IDs for The Bunny. For those of you not hip to radio lingo, station IDs are those short pre-recorded pieces which announce the official name of the station for FCC purposes. They largely fall into two stylistic categories: 1) overly enthusiastic a capella choirs or 2) deep, gravelly voices accompanied by laser & explosion sounds. Neither of these styles are required by law.

If YOU would like to submit a station ID for The Bunny, please read the following 5 guidelines carefully. If YOU would like to submit a station ID for The Bunny, please read the following 5 guidelines carefully. See what just happened there? I just wrote that twice to make sure you’re reading closely, because submissions that do not meet the following 5 guidelines will not be considered not be considered.

The Following 5 Guidelines:

1. They must somewhere include the following phrase verbatim: “The Bunny, broadcast on WRCE, Watkins Glen, on SiriusXM and online at”
2. They must be no longer than 15 seconds. Shorter is better, shortest is bestest.
3. They absolutely cannot break, bend, or even blithely approach the boundaries of FCC regulation with regard to obscenity. This is a family show we got here.
4. The sound files must be in MP3 format, 16-bit, 44.1 Khz, with a bit rate of 192.
5. They cannot, either directly or by implication, promote your business, band, Canadian yarn art, political party, house party or any other suchlike.

Now that we’re through with the nasty mellow-harshing DON’Ts, here are the lovely open-ended DO’s

1. DO make them awesome.
2. DO include music, sound effects, echo, lasers, explosions and all manner of audio tomfoolery.
3. DO feel free, if you so choose, to say who you are and where you’re from. Make Mom proud.
4. DO have fun with the fact that for the first festival ever, we’re broadcasting on an AM station. Carpenters! Bee Gees! Crazy talk radio! Many different ways to go with this.
5. DO email them to ASAP.
6. DO know that while we treasure each and every submission, whether or not they are played is up to the completely fickle and indefensible whims of Bunny staff. If we receive 5 awesome IDs, we may play them all weekend. If we receive 200,000, we may play the aforementioned 5 all weekend. That’s how she goes.

Most of all, just know that we are superly excited to interface with you radiophonically and will be broadcasting directly from our hearts to yours.

Love, DJ Tad Cautious

PS – Please know that the preceding sentence is meant purely metaphorically: current radio technology does not support heart-broadcasts.