Fela Kuti's Movement Of The People


Fela Kuti was defamed, jailed, and beaten for his refusal to stand down in the face of currupt and oppressive regimes.  He started his own political party, The Movement Of The People, and wrote a corresponding track – a call to action – called “M.O.P. (Movement Of The People) Political Statement Number 1.”.  If Fela were alive today, he would be proud to watch the people of Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Cote D’Ivoire, and Sudan, among others, who are fighting for their political and personal freedoms.  Like him, they are ready to pay a heavy price for their transformative subordination.

Come join these Fela “Movement Of The People” (M.O.P.) parties and celebrate the people of the world fighting for their rights.  Stand with the people across Africa and the Middle East during this revolutionary Spring and get inspired by Fela’s music!  Party giveaways include Fela CDs, buttons and posters.

05.25.11 – Warmdaddy’s – Philadelphia, PA
05.28.11 – Urban Element – Indianapolis, IN
05.28.11 – The New Empowering Church – London, UK
06.01.11 – Global Soul – Chicago, IL
06.04.11 – Burlington’s Discover Jazz Festival – Burlington, VT
06.06.11 – The Fla – Houston, TX
06.09.11 – Brick & Mortar Music Hall – San Francisco, CA

M.O.P. (Movement Of The People) Political Statement No. 1 by knitrecords

Here are some ways to get involved:

– Come to an M.O.P. party and hear the new Fela Kuti re-releases, which include all recordings made with Fela’s Egypt 80 band.  Upcoming events are listed HERE

– Create your own M.O.P. party by emailing mop@fela.net.  We’ll send you posters, buttons, and music to help support the cause.

– Grab the M.O.P. Facebook profile badge, banners, and free M.O.P. SoundCloud player, upload and tag them on Facebook, other social networks, and on your website

– Download the free M.O.P. stencil, and stencil it around your neighborhood or city

– Help us spread the word!  Follow @felakuti on Twitter and “like” the official Facebook page

Official Movement Of The People Website