EOTO: A Vicious Bass Onslaught


Dubstep has arrived. It’s in the clubs. It’s on TV, insidiously creeping into commercials and terrorizing radio waves around the world; from Berlin to New York City and everywhere in between, Dubstep is a force to be reckoned with. The once-underground phenomenon crossed the pond and went mainstream. Thanks to its growing popularity, amateur producers just flip on their low frequency oscillators and take a nap. Drab and derivative, the genre has been co-opted by DJs simply regurgitating the work of others. There is one act, though, that has been leading the way and setting the standard for live performance Dubstep/Electro/House for over five relentless years. One force that does it live.

The cyber-kinetic bass juggernaut EOTO is Dubstep’s savior and innovator. Two twisted demons blasting razor-bass and shrapnel beats from coast to coast and beyond. Snarling and brutal, these psy-dub beat sorcerers create Dubstep from the ground up, night after night, using only real instruments and their sonic wizardry. No pre-programmed loops, no heavy samples snatched from other producers, Jason Hann and Michael Travis bring Dubstep to life in real time, and push the movement into unexplored territories. Their soul-shattering brand of lazerstep is as mesmerizing as it is evil.

Those who haven’t been exposed to the two-headed, buzzsaw-juggling behemoth best check their schedules. EOTO is in the process of throwing down an unprecedented 60 performances in 64 nights. There’s no break, there’s no solace, just a vicious bass onslaught from the South to the Rocky Mountains to the West Coast, and back across the Midwest. And that’s before festival season even kicks off. Beginning with Summer Camp, and running through Wakarusa, The Big Up, and Nateva in August, EOTO is already charting its course of summer destruction. You can bet they’re planning something perverse and especially warped for the season’s most anticipated gathering of subsonic junkies: Sonic Bloom Festival.

There is no stopping EOTO from spreading a near lethal dose of dance music to the masses. The duo just unleashed a FREE 10-track sampler from their 2011 Colorado tour on SoundCloud and is also expected to release the third rendition of their annual live tour compliation called “K-Turns and U-Turns” on May 17th (Album Art). The 39-song-collection was recorded live in 2010 with each disc meticulously mixed to flow like a live show.

To educate and prepare the unwitting masses for their awesome destructive power, EOTO just wrapped up filming for their soon to be released live DVD. Soon, the world will be able to witness these two dark ninjas maneuvering in precise symbiosis through technology, slaying crowds in high definition, and will understand that Travis and Hann have been, and always will be, true pioneers of Dubstep. Their debut concert DVD will capture their entirely original, completely improvised sonic assault. Beware of the release date, to be announced this summer.

For more information about EOTO or their spring/summer tour check out their website at www.eotomusic.com and don’t forget to check out their new ticketing service offering only $2 ticketing fees on all advance tickets.

Spring Tour 2011
4/13/2011     The Westcott Theater     Syracuse, NY
4/14/2011     Pearl Street     Northampton, MA
4/15/2011     Port City Music Hall     Portland, ME
4/16/2011     Paradise Rock Club     Boston, MA
4/17/2011     Toad’s Place     New Haven, CT
4/18/2011     The Met     Pawtucket, RI
4/20/2011     Higher Ground     SO Burlington, VT
4/20/2011     Memorial Auditorium     Burlington, VT
4/21/2011     9:30 Club     Washington, DC
4/22/2011     Irving Plaza     New York, NY
4/23/2011     Washington Avenue Armory     Albany, NY
4/24/2011     Castaways     Ithaca, NY
4/26/2011     Town Ballroom     Buffalo, NY
4/27/2011     Blind Pig     Ann Arbor, MI
4/28/2011     Vogue Theatre     Indianapolis, IN
4/29/2011     Madison Theatre     Covington, KY
4/30/2011     Expo Five     Louisville, KY
5/1/2011     Newport Music Hall     Columbus, OH
5/2/2011     123 Pleasant Street     Morgantown, WV
5/3/2011     The Intersection     Grand Rapids, MI
5/4/2011     The Canopy Club     Urbana, IL
5/5/2011     Skyway Theatre     Minneapolis, MN
5/6/2011     The Portage Theater     Chicago, IL
5/7/2011     The Portage Theater     Chicago, IL
5/26/2011     Bella Music Festival     Geneva, MN
5/28/2011     B.O.M.B Fest @ Comcast Theatre     Hartford, CT
5/29/2011     Summer Camp Festival     Chillcothe, IL
6/2/2011     Wakarusa Music Festival     Ozark, AR
6/4/2011     Starscape Festival – Ft. Armistead Park     Baltimore, MD
6/25/2011     Sonic Bloom     Georgetown, CO
7/3/2011     Electric Forest     Rothbury, MI
7/15/2011     Motion Notion Festival     Edmonton, AB
7/30/2011     The Big Up     Ghent, NY