Setlist – Trey Anastasio 3/2/11 Ogden Theatre, Denver, CO


trey anastasio

3/2/11 The Ogden Theatre in Denver, CO are now available as CD-quality Apple Lossless, FLAC, and MP3 downloads, as well as higher than CD quality 24 bit / 96KHz FLAC-HD at Denver was the only two-night stand on the tour, with no songs repeated.

Trey Anastasio
3/2/11 Ogden Theatre, Denver, CO

Sample in a Jar (5:46)
Mountains In The Mist (5:18)
The Horse (1:04)
Silent In The Morning (3:13)
My Friend, My Friend (5:02)
Runaway Jim (3:04)
Carini (2:55)
Wilson (3:02)
Shine A Light (6:04)
Wading in the Velvet Sea (3:53)
Stealing Time From the Faulty Plan (4:14)
Hey Ya (4:03)
Push On ‘Til The Day (8:58)

Cayman Review (6:39)
Done Done It (4:04)
Valentine (7:21)
Money, Love and Change (10:20)
Drifting (9:04)
Small Axe (4:00)
Burn That Bridge (4:56)
Mozambique (6:06)
Simple Twist Up Dave (7:57)
Windora Bug (4:51)
Goodbye Head (6:59)
Sand (10:29)
Show Of Life (8:27)

The Birdwatcher (3:33)
Black Dog (6:34)

  • FLAC-HD is 24bit/96KHZ !
  • Lineup:
    Russ Lawton – Drums
    Tony Markellis – Bass
    Ray Paczkowski – Keyboards
    Jennifer Hartswick – Trumpet, Vocals
    Russell Remington – Saxophones, Flute
    Natalie Cressman – Trombone, Vocals
  • First set Trey solo acoustic
  • Wading In The Velvet Sea with Jen and Natalie
  • Stealing Time From The Faulty Plan with Jen, Natalie and Russell Remington
  • Hey Ya and Push On ‘Til The Day with full band.