Sunspot Bridges The Gap Between Hard Rock and Dance With New EP

Photos by Scott Preston
Madison, WI—Madison rock band Sunspot has never been a band that follows trends or makes its music so experimental that the average fan can’t relate to it.  Instead, the band channels its many and varied influences through accessible power pop.  This time around, they are back with Deus Ex Machina (March 29), a 3-song EP that takes Sunspot fans to new places—with topics ranging from Internet addiction to unexpectedly charmed lives to the philosophical side of love—and music that skews louder than previous material.  “We’re going for something a little heavier this time out,” says lead singer/bassist Mike Huberty.  “It is inspired by our desire for something that’s got a lot of passion but you can move to as well, something that bridges the gap between hard rock and dance without being industrial and that’s hooky and smart.”
Sunspot will celebrate the release of Deus Ex Machina locally at The Frequency on Saturday, March 26 (advance tickets are $10 and include a copy of the EP and a free drink) and will tour regionally throughout the spring and summer, with plans to release a second EP soon as well.  Last month, Sunspot licensed their song, “Go, Pack!” to FOX Sports for the NFL postseason and Super Bowl coverage.  The song was also spun on radio stations in Merrill, Wisconsin; in Wausau, WI and Kenosha, WI; as far away as Denver, CO; and on Madison’s own 105.5 Triple M—all markets where Sunspot enjoys a rabid fan base built through incessant regional touring.


About Sunspot:
Rock band Sunspot has racked up a few awards and a lot of recognition during the past decade, including winning Rock Album of the Year in the Madison Area Music Association Awards for their most recent audio release, Singularity.  Sunspot is three musicians that sound like an army. They’re the biggest sounding trio you’ve ever heard. With three-part harmonies, a blazing guitarist, a funny and poignant lyricist and singer, a killer chick drummer, and a real deal multimedia experience, they bring a live show that’s part theater, part art performance, part arena rock extravaganza, and all fun.  Singalong rock with big guitars, smart lyrics, and a sense of humor, the trio from Madison, Wisconsin combines the physical impact of hard-hitting rock with the ear candy of pop music and the thoughtful words of a singer-songwriter. Think the Fountains of Wayne or Barenaked Ladies with Lars Ulrich on drums and Eddie Van Halen on guitar.

After joining forces in 1996 as students at the University of Wisconsin, they’ve gone on to record and release five albums, a DVD, and over a hundred biweekly video podcasts (Sunspot Road Mania), and have performed hundreds of shows all over the country, sharing the stage with bands like Death Cab for Cutie, The Flaming Lips, Sponge, SevenMaryThree, Hot Hot Heat, and Sick Puppies.  In 2010, Sunspot designed a unique live experience that was a combination of theater, audience participation, multimedia stage show, and rock concert party. The show, Major Arcana, linked live performances of their songs with a storyline and the band took it on a national tour. In December, Sunspot released the DVD version of their multimedia spectacle, Major Arcana, as a full 90-minute concert film accompanied by audio commentary, special features, and more surprises.  The band also plans to release a new album in the spring of 2011.
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