Deering Banjo Company Announces New Limited Edition Dropkick Murphys 19-Fret Tenor Banjos


Photo by Courtney Perkins

Known for the use of traditional instruments and world renowned, high energy live performances of Irish punk, the Dropkick Murphys have taken the banjo into a new genre. In songs like “I’m Shipping Up To Boston” and at live shows, audiences get to see what can be done on a banjo when one steps out of the box. With the band hailing from Boston, once the home of several top banjo manufacturers in the early 1900s, it seems only natural to bring a limited edition Dropkick Murphys Banjo to musicians and fans worldwide.

The Dropkick Murphys Banjo is a representation of the band, with their shield crest of anchors, shamrocks, and leaves on the traditionally shaped banjo headstock. Beautifully inlayed into the fingerboard in Italian Pearloid are the band’s name in Old English lettering, two classic shamrocks and a banner proudly supporting “Boston” at its base.  Only the highest quality curly maple wood is used for the neck and resonator on this model. What is special about the Dropkick Murphys Model is that it is one of the lightest professional banjos made. Its tone ring is made out of grenadillo wood rather than metal. This gives it a bright, warm sound, and most of all makes it easy to dance with on stage! When Jeff DaRosa, the band’s banjo player, played the very first Dropkick Murphys Deering Banjo, he said, “This thing rules! This is the best banjo I’ve ever played!”

With the goal of making this available to all Dropkick Murphys fans, Deering has made a twin model in the Goodtime line with the same special artwork engraved proudly on the neck. Made with violin grade maple, the Goodtime models are the most affordable banjos one can get while still having a professional level of sound. This is ideal for both beginners and anyone wanting a banjo they can take anywhere. The Goodtime model is also available in a resonator and an openback style. “My absolute favorite Goodtime is the Goodtime tenor banjo. It’s wicked light, easy to play, and the resonator gives it a sound like a banjo twice the price!” says DaRosa.

The exciting part is that they are both limited editions. Each banjo comes with a certificate of authenticity showing validation from the band and the highest quality of manufacture from the Deering Banjo Company. As a limited edition, each one is numbered in the series and is one of a kind. Customers may also order a green tenor gig bag to protect and transport the banjo. The banjos and any needed accessories may be ordered factory direct at or through the Dropkick Murphys website,, where fans can get a special band discount.