Third Man Records To Host Musicians For Marquita Telethon On October 20th


More than 50 artists and musicians are coalescing around Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate Marquita Bradshaw, who made history as the first Black woman to win a statewide party nomination in Tennessee.

On Tuesday, October 20th, Nashville native William Tyler—with the help of fellow musicians Tristen, Erin Rae, Margo Price, Robyn Hitchcock and Emma Swift, Roseanne Cash, Caitlin Rose, and many more —will take to the airwaves in support of Bradshaw’s campaign. The telethon, hosted by Third Man Records, hopes to build on Bradshaw’s already snowballing momentum.

“I see in Marquita Bradshaw’s campaign not only a stark and inspiring contrast to the old con job style GOP candidates Tennessee continues to elect, but an actual inspiring and galvanizing individual who not only ideates change—she lives it,” says Tyler, who spearheaded the upcoming Musicians For Marquita Telethon live stream.

Bradshaw sent shockwaves across the state when she beat her opponent, James Mackler, and his campaign budget of $2.1 million in the August Democratic Primary with her $8,420 grassroots-raised budget. A single mom from South Memphis, and career environmental activist and organizer, Bradshaw speaks to the hearts and needs of people across party lines, and the well-being of Tennessee & the U.S. as a whole.

Music fans are invited to join in support of Bradshaw by attending the telethon via YouTube live stream on October 20th at 5 PM Central. Find out how to be more involved in Bradshaw’s historic campaign at

Who: Third Man Records along with 50+ artists partner with Marquita Bradshaw’s Historic Grassroots Campaign for U.S. Senate
What: Musicians For Marquita: A Telethon hosted by Third Man Records
When: Tuesday, October 20, 2020 beginning at 5 PM Central
Where: YouTube live stream—link to be released 24 hours before the stream begins. Follow @thirdmanrecords on Instagram for updates. Click here to donate and RSVP.

“Momentum surrounding Team Bradshaw grows each and every day. Meeting the many supporters on the campaign trail brings me so much joy and hope! With all the excitement building up around our movement, I think we’ve earned a little celebration, don’t you? Join us and wear your dancin’ shoes. Let’s keep making history—together,” says Bradshaw of the Musicians For Marquita event.

This all started when Tyler messaged Bradshaw’s campaign on Instagram to see how he could be of service. Bradshaw asked if he could spread the word about her via his social media accounts. Ready to help, the idea for the Musicians for Marquita Telethon was born.

William enlisted Tristen and Erin Rae, and Marquita’s campaign to organize the event, and quickly Darryl Norsen, Joshua Shoemaker, and Third Man Records agreed to contribute their services to the cause. Shortly after, a growing list of artists, actors, comedians, poets, and politicians from across the state (now at around 60 folks) committed to submit a video of a performance or testimony.

Musicians For Marquita organizers hope this event will help to spread the word and encourage people to get out and vote more than ever before. In the last statewide election in Tennessee, 77.6% of registered voters didn’t vote. Tennessee is consistently one of the worst performing states in voter turnout. The state is competitive for Democrats if previously disengaged voters turn out.

“Racial justice, economic justice, and environmental justice are all tied together. This bold progressive message will help pull Tennessee forward from the failed and dark myths of our history and onto a stage of New Southern Idealism—one that is more kind, more inclusive, and more representative of the needs of working families and individuals rather than cynical corporations.” -William Tyler, musician and organizer

“The United States and Tennessee need leadership that values working people, the environment, education, healthcare, and justice. Marquita Bradshaw embodies strong leadership in all of those issues and more. Third Man is committed to using our voices and platform to advance those causes alongside so many other great Tennessee citizens. These are the critical issues of our time and we’re proud to help in any way to shine a light on a candidate who values people above capital, and who believes that a better future is possible and has a path to help take us there. -Ben Swank, Third Man Records

“It’s not often you see a community organizer turned politician, Black woman from Memphis, overpower a big-money campaign like Marquita Bradshaw did in the August primary. I have a fundamental trust in the moral and work ethics of a mother who volunteered as a community organizer. Tennessee has not seen a Democratic U.S. senator since Al Gore 30 years ago but I believe she can win if she inspires the 77.6% of Tennesseans, who usually do not vote, to get registered and to the polls by Nov. 3. At least as musicians, we can say that we sang her praise from the hilltops of Tennessee.” -Tristen Gaspaderek, Musician, Owner of Anaconda Vintage, and Founder of Please Vote Nashville

Find out how to be more involved in Bradshaw’s historic campaign at Follow @thirdmanrecords on Instagram for updates. Click here to donate and RSVP.